Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

Hello guys!

For those who are running this MOD please update as soon as you can. The latest update (June 17, 2007) will support Safari 3 (1.3.2 and 2.0 as well) and also add new "Insert Table" feature + fix some minor bugs. Below is what you need to do to get the update:
- Go back to my site to download HotEditor MOD zip file for punbb again.
- Unzip the zip file and use FTP to upload these files (and folder) below to your server (to replace the current files/folder)
+ [richedit]/[styles]/[office2007]/*.*
+ [richedit]/editor.js
+ [richedit]/keyboard.php
If you want to support Table, then use text editor to edit

#-----[ OPEN ]------------------------------------------

#-----[ FIND ]------------------------------------------

$patterns[] = "#\[(sub|sup|strike|blockquote|b|i|u)\]#si";
$replacements[] = '<$1>';

#-----[ AFTER, ADD ]------------------------------------------

//Support Table here
$patterns[] = "#\[table\]#si";
$replacements[] = '<table align=center style="border-collapse: collapse;border-spacing: 0px;border: 1px solid #6CAFF7;background-color: #F4F4F4;width:98%;font-family:Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif,Tahoma;font-size:12px;color: black;">';
$patterns[] = "#\[\/table\]#si";
$replacements[] = '</table>';
$patterns[] = "#\[td\]#si";
$replacements[] = '<td style="height:25px; border: 1px solid #6CAFF7">';
$patterns[] = "#\[\/td\]#si";
$replacements[] = '</td>';
$patterns[] = "#\[tr\]#si";
$replacements[] = '<tr>';
$patterns[] = "#\[\/tr\]#si";
$replacements[] = '</tr>';

That's all you need to do.

Preview this update here

Download Safari 3 for Windows XP & Vista here

Good luck.
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Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

its a perfect way to use wysiwyg at punbb.
When I'm using it, I found out serveral things, how it works and how it doesn't work.

First thing is that with different browser it looks different, I'm using Firefox, MS-explorer, Opera and safari for windows.
With the last two the line where you can switch the wysiwyg on/off went out of the window, it expands, what it doesn't do with firefox and MS-explorer.

When you cut data out of a word-doc, sometimes you see it at the editor, you can add mod and delete thing but when you sent it, there is nothing to sent, ut only sometimes, I haven't found out yet when and way.

Last Thing, also sometimes, if you format a word or a colum/row it shows you that is was transformed, but when you have send it there is no modification at all. Characters have still the old color, or the old size, aren't centerd.

Does you have a user-description how the functions are working, maybe I'm doing things wrong and the system works perfect but .

Last Thing if you cut and paste out of word for example the fomats doesn't go with.

Please give me some advice what I'm doing wrong,

The poor horseman without horses

Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

Hi there,
I have one strange phenomena with the wysiwig editor.
I change the charcter size and color, it shows the changes and when it's published nothing had changed.

Second phenomena if I cut and paste a text out off WORD (office 2003) the line return charcters (<o:p></o:p>) are shown after publishing, and when you edit the message you delete it press enter and they are still there.

What do I wrong in using the editor ?

The poor horseman without horses

Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

i can explain why to both previous posts as i had this problem

there is no bbcode set up for those changes on the wysiwyg editor so you need to manually add the bbcode into parser.php and it will then parse correctly for you

Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

Which code does I have to add,
could you be so kind to post it here, maybe with some advice, so that further on people could easy add the necessary coding at the right place.

Thanks for your quick response so fare.

The poor horseman without horses

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Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

I had added the code to parser.php as it was written in the instruction. I have checked it again twice, everything as it was recommended, so if you have additional infos please post it here. 
At the support site of there are similar problems reported for  phpBB3 R1
so I have open a ticket to get help, as fare I will get infos I will report it here.

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Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

After a discussion with the developers of the HotEditor there is the situation that the Mod doesn't work correctly with punbb and it isn't recommend to use the Mod.

Take care with that mode !!!!!!

The poor horseman without horses


Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

can u help me i see you released an update and now im looking at the editor.js file and how do i remove html and php from it again?
what line do i need to take out?


My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
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Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

Guys! Help me pls!
How can I install Hoteditor like this to my PunBB forum?
I don't understand.
I check all links u gave.
But in Hoteditor zip file there is no any readme file with instructions.
If you have it send me pls!

or maybe you have more optimised version of it... if it is... send me this version if u can smile thanks

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Re: New HotEditor MOD (V.4.2) for PunBB

EDIT: I don't know what version of forum you are running? 1.2 or the newest 1.4.2? Screenshot you provided shows pun_bbcode for 1.4.2.

If pun_bbcode is not enough, try this extension: WYSIWYG editor (SCEditor) or this one: om_markitup.

To install an extension for punbb, you have to copy it into folder "extensions" and activate it in the administration panel.

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