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I think this is kinda annoying...
When you click on a new topic on the frontpage, you always jump automatically to the latest post, except on topics with more than one page, then it just jumps to the beginning. I am not sure but that probably has something to do with action=new, so it is an actual punBB-"problem".
Could that be fixed?

FluxBB - v1.4.8

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Moved to Bug Reports
I think this may be an actual bug wink

RSS feeds use a variable called $url_action, which is initialized like this:

$url_action = ($_GET['action'] == 'active') ? '&action=new' : '';

HTML output from extern.php doesn't do this: it always appends action=new

While the PunBB homepage is right to output action=new (active topics refers to topics that have been recently posted to), extern.php's output is not always what it should be.