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Slavok, there is a mistake in r1510. The second query runs twice.

Can you explain why you think the new queries (especially the one in r1511) will run faster? Do you have any SQL documentation that suggests such an approach?


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big_smile big_smile


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Yeah, soon we'll have a hello kitty make up extension. big_smile


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Thanks for the explanation, Anatoly.


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Anatoly, what means "This is an empty revision for padding."? There are some days in trac when you pushed the revision number by 20 with these entries. What's the reason?


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Epiphone wrote:

So any takers? I'd only need one person, for changing around the template and where posts go and cosmetic's, as I can't seem to do that.

So what are you doing beside changing the copyright notes?

Epiphone wrote:

...eventually if I quit, get it all to themselves.

Nice to read, that you are already thinking about abondoning your own project before it even started.


Bert, I did not want to offend you in any way. I was just wondering why you have such a negative attitude towards fluxbb.

In fact, even if you do not remember, it was you who brought me from txp to pun with your idea of building a bridge between the 2 systems.

Paul wrote:

Well he wasn't involved in this fork.

I'm talking about xPattern, not FluxBB.


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Turn off autocomplete in your webbrowser.

hcgtv wrote:

Good analogy or not, we'll have to see.

And that says someone who is involved in a fork himself?

I hope that such a plugin won't be needed with 1.3 anymore! wink


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This is just because a lot Mod Authors don't update their mods frequently. In most cases you can help yourself by editing the install_mod.php and adding the current version '1.2.15' to the versions array. For Example:

$punbb_versions    = array('1.2.5', '1.2.15');

But first you should have a look in the (PunRes) forums to see if there are instructions on how to install the Mod on a newer version.

And never forget to install the latest PunBB version, because in most cases it's fixing some bugs...!