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A banned user can't logout to avoid that he register again or login with another nickname.

That, and removing some duplicated utf8 functions solved.
Thanks a lot MattF.

Nothing works. There's a bunch of fatal errors but I guess I gotta give up, DokuWiki's website states that it doesn't work with PunBB 1.3.

I've printed out the $mods_array before and after pushing my value in and it worked properly (outputting the user name the second time). I've therefore tried to set $forum_user['g_moderator'] to 1 along with the pushed array and it didn't work. The only thing that worked was setting the group id of the user to 1, to pretend the user is a forum admin. I don't know if it's safe, it's surely not the proper way to do it, but it worked.

I was wonder if there's any info around about integrating PunBB and DokuWiki. I've successfully integrated PunBB 1.2 into DokuWiki but now since I've upgraded to 1.3.2 I can't make Doku work anymore.
I've had a few UTF-8 functions conflicts so I replaced Doku's utf8.php file with a blank one but I still get a lot of errors.

Anyone can help?

Rich Pedley wrote:

Would it not be easier to create a new group - psuedo moderator - and assign permissions via that?

No, that's exactly what I don't want to do smile

Rich Pedley wrote:

alternatively I'd suggest echo'ing out the $mods_array via the mr_pre_permission_check hook to ensure you are adding the correct information. Then use that same hook at add to the mods_array

I'll try, thanks.

I'm trying to extend a function in moderate.php but I can't make it work.
I want a specific user to bypass the permission check at line 92-93.

if ($forum_user['g_id'] != FORUM_ADMIN && ($forum_user['g_moderator'] != '1' || !array_key_exists($forum_user['username'], $mods_array)))
    message($lang_common['No permission']);

So far I tried to:

1) Pushing and unshifting the username of said user into the moderators array at line 88.

$mods_array = ($cur_forum['moderators'] != '') ? unserialize($cur_forum['moderators']) : array();

2) Setting $forum_user['g_moderator'] == '1' if user matches an if statement.

3) Setting the user group id to 1 (admin) to pretend the user is an admin and therefore succeed the permission check.

4) Changing the if statement entirely using the hooks before and after the statement (both hooks together and one at time).

These attempts were all unsuccessful. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.


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In Oxygen.css on line 719 #brd-about #copyright should be changed to p#copyright

Check function generate_crumbs($reverse) in functions.php. Around line 685.

The img tag is not closed.

The index page is also generated without crumbs so if you're working on a external page integrated in the layout you can define it as index to remove the crumbs.


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Hook "pf_view_details_selected" is set twice in profile.php on line 1287 and 1292.

Thanks Utchin.

Thanks colak.

That's for v1.2, what about 1.3?

I can't figure out how to include a file into a .tpl

In v1.2 it was <pun_include "file.php"> and file.php has to be in /include/user

What about v1.3?



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It's not CSS but a markup issue, there's a </div> too much.

The one I can think of is a CSS solution but it will make the orizontal scrollbar appear as well

html {
    overflow: scroll;


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Try with a echo in the ft_about_end hook.

Since v1.3 is out now I guess there's no true need to keep 1.2.x up to date, yet I guess many administrators will take a while before they upgrade, so my questions are:

1. Will there be any hotfix, security patch or critical update for 1.2.x in the future (obviously when/if needed)?
2. Is there any deadline for 1.2 support on the official forums? i.e. for how long will the 1.2 section be kept open?

I can't replicate, check your language file for errors.


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parpalak wrote:

By the way, do you receive spam via PM here?

No, I just thought it's better to be safe than sorry.


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parpalak wrote:

We'll consider this suggestion

If the idea is dropped please add hooks (if not present already) to allow users to implement the feature. Thanks.

parpalak wrote:

Do you have ideas about when and why user wishes to disable PM?

Spam, offensive posts or simply no interest in PMs.


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parpalak wrote:

Do you mean that user must be able to disable receiving messages from other users?



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I meant user-side.