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I was wondering if it was possible to execute the function number_format() on large numbers (e.g. statistics at the bottom in index.php). So you'll get something like 21,074 or 21.074 instead of 21074.. Although it's not hard to change it yourself, but maybe it's an idea to include..

Thx in advance smile


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Thanks to me its 134 now wink


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hcgtv wrote:
Ev!L-E!NsTe!N wrote:

New forum style/skin.. check it out @ http://forums.fps-factory.nl/ big_smile

In Firefox 0.9.1 on Windows XP: Your website content is off to the right and the top graphics have dead space between it, unlike the forums where each graphic meets.

Hm yeah, you're right... In Mozilla I have the same problem. The content is fixed, but I don't understand those black spots in the header... Any idea anyone? :S

edit: it has been fixed smile


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Omg, I'm really dumb, I was logged in as admin.... Well, I had my Mathematics Exam today, so that's probably why I didn't thought very well wink Please excuse me :X :X :X

Sorry for this uninteresting message tongue


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When I disallow user to change there title at my punBB forum, they still can change it. E.g. my title is New Member, and when I type "custom title" or something else, I get the title "custom title". Is this a bug or a request :?


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I tried to make one big site, but I failed in that, because cookie's are limited to one domain (e.g. www.domain.com), if you have forums.domain.com, the same cookie won't work (it does if you have www.domain.com/forums/). Since I wanted a subdomain, I am using the users database of punBB, but the users have to login on every subdomain, with the same username and password.

btw, if you press on register on my own site, you get the register page of punBB wink


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Ev!L-E!NsTe!N wrote:

Hi Mark.. so who's idea was it to use PunBB on your site? wink tongue

Uhh, don't tell anyone it was you wink

Rickard wrote:

Nice integration. I would have the same layout in the forums as the rest of the site though.

Well, the whole idea was to create a subdomain for every game, so e.g. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault gets mohpa.fps-factory.nl, and Call of Duty gets cod.fps-factory.nl, and so on. Since the first idea was to create a site for mohpa, Evil-Einstein created a layout in that style, and the forum was made in that one as well. After we've installed punBB, we've decided to create those subdomains, so that's why the layouts are different...

wow, what a story tongue


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Falconey wrote:

Those smileys DO look familiar smile

Anyway.... fix your help.php, you still have 15x15 smileys in there.

Ah thanks, I'll go on it right now. Smilies (c) tweakers.net hehe


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Hi all, I'm new here. I'm running PunBB on a website I've created and I think it's better to use than forums like phpbb or ipb. Sometimes I would like some more features, but I'll post them in Featur request wink

Anyway, The websites address is fps-factory.nl. You can reach the punBB forums directly at forums.fps-factory.nl. smile

It's a dutch site, so for the dutchies in here, hang around wink