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You guessed right downliner! Great. Thanks


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I've set up a forum and want to  use a style I downloaded from PunRes called informer. I've put in the styles folder next to Oxygen but whereas it shows up in the dropdown menu in Settings, when I click to save changes it is not applied. Any idea why
Also, are there any recommended sites out there with good styles for download?

Thanks for any help

I got them in PunRes and yes I am in the wrong section (using 1.3). Apologies for that - I'll shift. I'll check for 1.3 versions of the styles. Thanks

I know this has been covered a lot before but I'm still in trouble. I've downloaded new styles but I'm getting what appears to be conflicting instructions on how to install them. Basically, I know nothing much about PunBB or coding. I managed to set up a Forum and would like to use something other than Oxygen. I've noticed that the set up within the folders of the two new styles I downloaded is a lot different than that of the Oxygen set up. Can someone tell me as a pure novice the correct file paths (where to put them) any extra .php files i need to include and where, and anything else I'm obviously missing? BTW the styles (Novin and Kontrast) are showing up in the dropdown menu in Setup, and when I choose one and Save Changes it refreshes the page but returns the same Oxygen skin.

I'd be very grateful for any assistance


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Bingo!! I could have sworn that link wasn't there when I first opened.

Thanks very much Colak


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Just set up a forum and I was wondering if there is a control area for the moderator from which to administer the forum. Also how cam I change the profile of the moderator?



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I'm new to PunBB and to forum creation. I'm following the instructions on installation which is telling me to "Copy/upload all contents of the directory upload/ into the directory where you want to run your forums". Trouble is I can't see a directory called upload in the folder I downloaded. Can anyone get me started?