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8k84 wrote:

If First Post Meta Description Tag is checked and non-latin characters are used in the post, then the Description tag looks like this:


To fix, change in hook hd_head by meta_tags_admin in line 25:


$first_post = htmlentities(str_replace("\n", "", $first_post));


$first_post = htmlentities(str_replace("\n", "", $first_post), ENT_QUOTES, "UTF-8", false);


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I some modified you manfest.xml for install on Postgresql-system.

In some place you use double quotes for values- in postgres it's mistake (double quotes use to select fields), and in  "vt_qr_get_posts, mr_post_actions_qr_get_posts" hooks was been incorrect select (dot before table name, for what?)

Corrected file