Parpalak wrote:

Actually if someone doesn't receive an activation link by e-mail he can run the restore password procedure.

Or you can manually change the user's group and password and send the password to the user.

It seems the punbb site was down for a while.

Is it posssible for an extension that will provide a link  to push an email reminding them to log in,  instead of having to manually email the users individually?

Parpalak wrote:
oo wrote:

2. I can see the list of everybody that have registered (even those who have not set password or Logged in after setting password.)

Yes. You can find it in Administration -> Users -> Searches.


I have more people who have not verified than members. How do I resend them the link to  verify their email? Also How do I get a mail once somone registers.

Thank you so so much!!

aka spam campaign?

Naa.. I actually did a presentation to a large audience at an event. I do not do spam:D

This is urgent because I started a marketing blitz an I am loosing potential members.

I have people who say they have registered in the forum but I cannot see them  on the user list. When it happened previously, I found out users do not show on the user list until they have logged in once.

I am also assuming that the mail which sends the link to set password  goes into the spam filter, making it impossible for them to know they should change password.

Is it possible that:

1: Users get automatically logged in once they set their password?

2. I can see the list of everybody that have registered (even those who have not set password or Logged in after setting password.)

3. I can get a notification once somebody tries to register.

Thank you so much


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lol. So what is the other option?


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Switched On wrote:

^^ Good idea.


However,.. creating a subforum extension is rather complex so.. tongue

I don't really understand your message.


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Slavok wrote:

Is this what you needed?

Thanks. but it seems far from finished. I was wondering if a simple extension can be made as not all of us understand the complexity.:)

Could you make an extension to let people register with email address than have the option of choosing display name later.
It is easier for people to remember the email they used to register rather that username.


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Please is it possible to create an extension for sub forums?


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Good Luck! Let us know what you are up to in case we can help:D

Hey, lovely extension. Is it possible to position the login on the banner. Maybe on the right?

Brilliant Idea.

parpalak wrote:

Is the installation of extensions successful after you refresh the page?

What extensions or other modifications have you installed? Maybe an extension causes this. Try to disable (not uninstall!) all extensions to find the cause.

Yes. it is successful. I do not remember which extension I installed that caused it. I will have a look. Thanks!

I have found and uninstalled the extension

YonasH's repository
Created by YonasH.
Version v1.0.
Stick all updates in extension list. Checks for updates of my extensions and let you to automatically install them.


Recently, anytime I upload a new extension and want to instal i get the error below. But when I refresh my browser It becomes ok. It has happend over 5 times. Thank you.

"An error was encountered

The error occurred on line 231 in /home/uknawah/public_html/forum/header.php

Database reported: MySQL server has gone away (Errno: 2006)."


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Good work you are doing here. Since it is a free sevice, there is little I can complain about.  I think is not wise to develop the same thing with the same functions using different technologies. I am sure your team must have has a lot of discussions about it. Take it from me, it is a VERY VERY BAD idea.

It is bad enough that there are too many forums not to talk of one company with two. I am sure you guys have seen a reduction in the rate of downloads of PUN BB.

Just take a second to imagine a company having another complete factory to make the exact same car with a different material. Or Imagine Wordpress deciding to use have a paralell blog system in a different language doing the same thing.  You cannot tell me you believe it is a good decision. Listen to your users.

There might be commercial reasons for the .NET but you can decide to abandon the PHP and move full speed ahead and those who want PHP can move to fluxBB, and those who want .NET can stay.

You have Facebook using your forum, you can Capitalize on that and make PunBB the greatest forum ever made. Do not destroy your own success.

If you want proof that PunBB.NET is a distration, this forum is it. The time that would have been spent thinking of how to develop PunBB is used to talk here. Tell your sponsors it is a VERY BAD idea. I leave you with one advise and it is the Acronym of FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful!