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Ryya wrote:
antoniov wrote:

Okay, you guys can get it here: http://paragonguild.net/random/wowhead_links.7z

Hi, this link no longer works, does anyone have a working wowhead itemstats for 1.3.5?
Many Thanks

did you try this.. http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/126451/#p126451
not sure if it works or not, or even if its a 1.3 extension.
just found it in this thread.

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Nice idea!

I have put it Here for you.

If you wait 15 mins, i'll throw it together for you. Just installing 1.3 wink

Wouldnt be hard to make an extension to do that.
Just use the hook 'po_pre_add_post' and have it say $post_info['subject'] = ucfirst($cur_posting['subject']);


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Hi, Been busy for a few weeks, But will look at this again later on tonight when I get chance and release a new version with the fixes in it either tonight or tomorrow (GMT)

There problem was, That Paul (the stylist person) seem to go inactive. They were waiting on him to post his commits which never seemed to happen, Then they decided to take a different path to try and get things movin a little bit. Doesn't seem to be happening much though.


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I can indeed smile
I was just giving you what I thought back, no offence though wink


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Well I did this one to what I "thought" was ok, As I was not aware that that people could retract there pm's that they send. I thought that once its sent, Thats it.
So I then moved onto another one, So I shall finish this one, Then I will move onto this again later on.

If you don't like it, sod you.


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Ok I will look at this again later on when I am done with the next extension I am curently working on.
Shouldn't be to long.

SuperMAG wrote:

oh and keydog, dont forget to add my style too, http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … h-10-beta/

Keeping with the topic I see?

I've given up with FluxBB, God knows whats going on with that, But I'm not talking about FluxBB, I'm talking about PunBB.

The caching, template and extensions are all upgrades, Not new things. Note the words "improved" before all of those things you stated wink

In the "our plan" you linked to there, It looks more like a 1.4 than a 2.0
2.0 would be a whole re-write and whole different look, But they just look like improvments to 1.3.

Addon released

http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … e-pmemail/


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This is an addon to the pun_pm extension (1.2.5).

It allows users to get email alerts when they get a private message on your forum.
You can enable or disable this as an admin in Settings -> Features and users can disable it in there profile under Settings.




Please report any bugs and I will do my best to fix them smile

Just to let you know, I have started on this, And can get it finished later today wink
One thing I could do with a hand with though, Is 2 images! 1 for + and 1 for -

If anyone could get those it would help tongue


Just to let you know, I have started on this, And can get it finished later today wink

Seems to be lacking a "mark forum read" button wink
Unless i'm just being blind.

Parpalak, I have tested and works fine, sad to see you missed my clean code indenting though! But other wise working fine.

As far as I can remember, There was not any database updates from 1.2.15 to the latest, So it is just a file replacement.

I will start making this tomorrow unless I get called out to do something else unless the dev team state about the one they are making in the mean time.

@gorsan: Do you get an error when trying to upgrade to 1.3?
If so, Let me know what the error is and I will try and help you.

@Kahmoon: I have completed this extension, But until the updated version of Pun_Pm is released with the hooks that I emailed to Parpalak, It will not work for you tongue
Hopefully he will sort the hooks out soon and then I will release this extension for you smile

What you would have to do is to use the hdiff.


Go from 1.2.15 - 1.2.16, 1.2.16 - 1.2.17 etc

Might take a while, but at least you'll be up to date with 1.2 wink

Just to quickly update you, I am just about to test what I've done on my web server instead of on my localhost as my localhost does not have mail setup.

If all goes well with the test, I will let you know and post the hook locations for Parpalak to include in the pun_pm extension.