Yeah thats true, Server would die lol

I'll have a look into it abit more.

Ok, I have just started on this, I am currently doing the options to enable / disable this for users / admin, then I will look at the pun_pm extension and let you know where I require the hooks.

I have not yet looked at pun_pm, I'm hoping there are hooks in it already. If not, I will add them in where I need them, And I will let you know where I added them and hopefully you can add some in the similar place.


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What kind of dump is it? Is it a phpmyadmin dump?

If so, go to your phpmyadmin, and import it via that into your new database.

I will add a English.php language file, if you use any other language, you will have to translate yourself as English is the only language I know wink
Will make this when I get home later (as my xampp has now died and I am reinstalling now then going out)

Hope this helps

Kahmoon, If you wait til later on tonight (UK time), I will make an extension to addon to pun_pm so that you are able to set it to send you an email alert if you have a pm.
This will be an option in the users profile area and there will be an admin option to turn this on or off if you are experiencing email problems or what ever.

Let me know if you want this or not, as I don't but I will be happy to do it for you.


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Huey: Looking at the link you provided, It seems that you do not have a folder setup to that location.

Check your folder setup and make sure you have the folder "forums" in your files root directory.

Reading the RSS from it though, that will mean it checks like every 30 mins or what ever you set it, I want it like instand really

I think your reading it the wrong way round. I dont want wordpress to post what I post on PunBB, I want PunBB to post what I post on Wordpress wink

Hello, I have a forum and a wordpress both on different sites.

What I want to do is, When I post something on my Wordpress, I want it to post a topic into PunBB aswell.

Anyone any suggestions on how to do this?