ok I find a soluce here



hi everybody

how is it possible to align an image to the right like that in HTML :

<img src="....." align="right" />

a MOD ?

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Hello everybody,

I would like to know if there is a way to re-send email with password to the unverified users ?

Thanks for your help

Rickard wrote:

Very nice, but I believe there is already a plugin that does this. From the downloads page:

Forum cleanup. Created by Connorhd. This plugin lets forum administrators do a little spring cleaning in the forum database. It can be used to clean out the database after a spam attack. Additionally, it can be used to synchronize user post counts, topic post counts, last post data etc. The plugin requires MySQL 4.0.4 or later.

And what for MySQL 3.23 (PunBB 1.2.10) ???

And when we cant have this mysql version, how to synchronize topic and forum like we could do it in version 1.1.5 ?

I would like to not display the quote users.
I think the issue is a regex.
Someone have made that ?


Tobi wrote:

There is a mod that adds image verification, that should help.
Search for it, must be in the modification forum

i think this one could help me

function myfunction($id_user){
    global $db;
    $result = $db->query('MYREQUESTHERE') or error('Unable to fetch request', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
    if ($db->num_rows($result)){
        return "MYDATATHERE";

and in the loop

$user_info[] = myfunction($cur_post['poster_id']);

And it's display 1 message (normaly there s many)

with 1.1.5, i have no problem

Any mod for bot register ?
Punbb 1.2.10 for me and all days bot register

If I ask u, it's because I need it. I know it's better to integrate all in one request but here, I need to know how put a function in this loop !!!

Yes i would like to !

I would like to add data from another tables than PunBB in viewtopic.php

function myfunction($id_user){
    global $db;
    $result = $db->query('MYREQUESTHERE') or error('Unable to fetch request', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());
    if ($db->num_rows($result)){
        return "MYDATATHERE";

I would like to insert myfunction($id_user) between this line

while ($cur_post = $db->fetch_assoc($result))

AND this line

It's works with punbb 1.1.5 but not with 1.2.10 ! Display only one message ! I don't know why !
Anybody could help me ? I think it's a problem with $result = $db->

thx for ur help

Works perfect with 1.2.10
a great mods !

Smartys wrote:

Erm, this mod was for 1.1.x, 1.2.x already has user groups by default tongue

I know that but i need it !

Traiklin wrote:

I'd like to get this mod but when I go to download it gives me a 404 error page.

I would like to download it too !
Nobody could help us ?

Is there a version for punbb 1.1.5 ?


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CSS of PunBB 2.x stinks !
All that for win 0.000000000001 seconde by page
It's now more difficult to modify completly the style of the forum
I need many more time to do that
CSS and DIV, it's like a hype

I will transform all my punBB 2 with TABLES and forget ugly DIV


a big MySQL (300Mo forum PunBB)
i put 0 value in the request and it's works

There's a problem for me with this line.
I think it's the value "NOT hide_smilies"
anybody have an idea ?

$db->query('UPDATE '.$db->prefix.'posts SET hide_smilies = NOT hide_smilies') or error('Unable to alter DB structure.', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());


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I'm always in 3.23.53a
but i put an index to the table POSTS (field "topic_id") and it's better
server don't crash now


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Celeron 2 GHz
256 Mo RAM - 40 Go IDE
only for one website
PHP Version 4.3.0
Apache Version  Apache/1.3.26 
MySQL 3.23.53a

It's not one request which crash server. It's 50 users who do this request at the same time and crash server


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Don't work

One of these request too expensive for my server (when there s ore than 15550 registered):
SELECT u.email, u.title, u.url, u.location, u.use_avatar, u.signature, u.email_setting, u.num_posts, u.status, u.registered, u.admin_note, p.id, p.poster, p.poster_id, p.poster_ip, p.poster_email, p.message, p.smilies, p.posted, p.edited, p.edited_by FROM t_posts AS p INNER JOIN t_users AS u ON u.id=p.poster_id
WHERE p.topic_id=2044 ORDER BY p.id LIMIT 100,20;

With a IN ?????????
SELECT t.id AS tid, t.poster, t.subject, t.last_post, t.last_post_id, t.last_poster, t.num_replies, t.forum_id FROM t_posts AS p INNER JOIN t_topics AS t ON p.topic_id=t.id WHERE t.id IN(2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,20,25,29,35,40,51,53,55,56,60,90,95,101,108,110,125,132,149,158,165,176,179,181,233,255,304,325,329,338,402,412,436,468,600,613,618,629,691,697,742,758,769,820,834,875,883,903,918,925,1011,1018,1061,1096,1109,1131,1154,1176,1256,1302,1309,1312,1325,1344,1354,1366,1375,1392,1417,1433,1467,1468,1489,1495,1503,1517,1563,1571,1585,1620,1649,1655,1657,1674,1677,1694,1695,1711,1730,1731) GROUP BY t.id, t.poster, t.subject, t.last_post, t.last_post_id, t.last_poster, t.num_replies, t.forum_id ORDER BY t.last_post DESC LIMIT 0, 15;