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Hi everybody,

Thanks for the new version.


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Hi, thanks now it's OK smile
I tried this solution 1.000 X but it didn't works! I suppose I had a problem with my "cache"...


I have a problem with a little captcha in PHP.

Here is the code:

// contactform
// answer the question please
echo '<form method="post" action="#">
// les champs du formualire + celui-ci :
Question : combien font 3 multiplié par 4 ?
<input type="text" name="verif" />

<input type="submit" value="Envoyer les données" />

It seems that on line 4 there is a problem with a:

Do you know where ?!


My forum (files on server + database) was totally erased by error.
It was very little: 2 users + 4 messages.

So I recreate everything "manually".

The only difference with the "original" forum is:
- the date of registration of the users ;
- the date of the messages.

Can I change theses dates with phpmyadmin?

OK, thanks smile
I will edit the third message of this topic because it is now the only link to this page.


Thanks for the answer.

So, e.g. for this link [edited] Google will not understand that it's now an "error page" and this page will still be indexed. I thought that there was something (information in the headers or I don't know where) who tells Google that it is an error page.


Since today, my forums are only available for members. So guests can no more read the forums.

But since years, Google (and other search engines) registred a lot of pages of my forums.

Do you think these pages will disappear of Google or they will continue to be present in Google with the new message "You do not have permission to view these forums." ?

Sorry I posted in the wrong forum ---> "Feature requests"


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Forum updated ! Thanks the team smile

A friend gives me a good solution :

<!--[if IE]>
  <a href="serpent.htm">Jouez au serpent</a> -

<!--[if !IE]> <-->
  <a href="serpent.swf">Jouez au serpent</a> -
<!--> <![endif]-->

With this method, the link will be the HTML page for IE and the SWF page for other browsers !

Hello wink

I have a Web site where I have the game "Snake" for Nokia mobile phones in a SWF file.

With Firefox and Opera, I can play the game by a direct link to the SWF file.

But with Internet Explorer 7, it is no more possible to view drectly a SWF file !

So, I made a little HTML page where I insert the SWF file. I want the game as big as the screen of the player so I write 100% for width and height.

  <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="serpent.swf" width="100%" height="100%">
  <param name="movie" value="serpent.swf"></object></p>

The problem is that Firefox and Opera do not understant 100% for height ! It should be OK if I write a number (e.g. 600) and not a %. But in this case, the height is not always as big as the screen of the visitor !

Do you have a solution ?


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Nice Web site smile But to be honnest, for me, the "dark" colors (red + grey) give me an aspect of an underground Web site... but it is a law school smile


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Cool a new update smile


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Problem fixed !

I just had width: 1px; for the table smile


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When I change :

  border-width: 0px;
  cursor: crosshair;
  width: auto;

in :

  border-width: 0px;
  cursor: crosshair;
  width: 45px;

... it is ok with Opera but it is no more OK with Firefox when I make the police bigger because the width of the button is fixed and the police too big.


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hcgtv wrote:

I see you're having the same problem in singapore

I was sure you should see my double post smile Sorry for this...

hcgtv wrote:

but I don't know what the answer is.
It looks fine in Firefox 2.0rc1 if it's any consolation.

Not really sad

I have this problem on a lot of my web sites.. because the code of my form is always the same ! I just saw it today...

But thanks for help wink


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Hello wink

I have a problem with a "Input" of a form in a HTML page. This problem is only with the browser Opera. On the right of the button that I use to send my form, there is a space with Opera sad

How can I fix the problem ?

Thanks for your help !


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Hello wink

I just updated my forum (changed files only).
Everything is OK. Thanks for the new version.
I hope that there will be soon a 1.3 version smile

Hello helter,

Thanks for the answer.
It seems that I just misunderstood the results of the Whois.
When I take a look on the results of Network Solutions, it's a mix between the 2 whois I gave you. I thought that the "registrar" was the same as "owner".



I am the owner of the domain name rador8.com.

I bought this domain name on 2006-06-13.

You can see that I am the owner e.g. on this Whois page : [edited]
But... if you take a look e.g. on this other Whois page [edited] you can see that a company bought this domain name a day before me on 2006-06-12.

Why are they 2 different values ?!


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ok Thanks Smartys wink

That's now a final answer on my questions.

It will help me a lot because I am working on a new forum where the employees of a company will receive the same id on the forum as their employee number. Now I know how to do that smile


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Maybe in foo_online I can still see something about this user ?


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With Dotclear, I can see what I did, that's called "logs" I think.

Can I find the same in the data base/table I use for PunBB ?

e.g. today a new member registered on 13:20 - on 13:25 I deleted this member - on 13:30 I created a new category...


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Yeah it's sometimes difficult for me in english smile

This user had no post/topic, I deleted only this user with the method I told you in my previous post.

I'm asking 2 things :

1. Is there a place on my data base where I can still find this member (ip with he register, real name, signature...) or is he totally deleted ?

2. Can I fin a history of the operations I made in PunBB : create a member, delete the member... ?

A big thanks for the answers. It is nor really essential for my forum to do that but it helps me a lot to understand how is running my PunBB forum smile


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In table "foo_users", I worked on field "id" : I deleted the row of the last user then modify the "auto_increment".
It seems to be ok, I tried to register a member / delete the member / modify auto_increment / register again and it is the same id smile

Do you think I can find traces of these operations (member deleted, new member...) on other places of my data base ?


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Hello, thanks for this quick answer wink

I would like to delete only the last user (for my forum I don't want to let people register for the moment but I forgot to close it...).
Is it difficult to change the auto_increment value with Phpmyadmin ?