Gizzmo wrote:

hey is that in 1.1.5. cuz its kool how you did the menu for it, looks great btw. awsome

yes its 1.1.5 smile i use an image in the background of a table to get the menu like that. wink

hope it helps smile

Thanks for all the nice reply's big_smile

yes i know.. but you must make a choice smile want stuff to look like you want to or want it to make it flex big_smile

i choose the first option smile but thanks for your input smile

i hope you like it wink

only a little problem in IE tho... dont know why smile look at a cat youll see what i mean tongue

any help? smile


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oeoe looking nice big_smile


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nice big_smile is it in the pre launch code? or do i have to wait for it wink


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scrolleble divs?


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You mean really resising the image like making a thumbnail or somethnig?

this can be done with GD2 or GD1 allthough im not a great fan of that. also you have the problem that images are remote (not on your server) so that would mean you have to grab the image and place it on your server...

but again im not sure about this wink

and you could always just check the size and scale it % wise if it is bigger than a certain size.


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thats ok smile


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so you need:

<script type="text/javascript">

var maxWidth = 580;

function scaleImage(im) {

  if (typeof im.naturalWidth == 'undefined') im.naturalWidth = im.width;

  if (im.naturalWidth > maxWidth) {

    im.width = maxWidth; = im.naturalWidth + 'px';
    im.className = 'resized';
    im.title = 'Klik voor originele grootte';
    im.onclick = unscaleImage;



function unscaleImage() {

  if (this.width == maxWidth) {

    this.width = this.naturalWidth; = '0px';
    this.title = 'Klik om te verkleinen';

  } else {

    this.width = maxWidth; = '2px';
    this.title = 'Klik voor originele grootte';




in your head section and the image code looks like this:

<img src=" URL " border="0"  onload="scaleImage(this);" alt=""/>


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see this link:

the 4th foto is resized. (contains partial nudity.. just to say so)

look into the code and change the [img] tags of your forum and your done. it only works in browsers that resize images when viewing them like IE6 firefox Netscape etc..


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yes you can do that using style sheets.. wait ill look it up for you smile

ow ok big_smile

well i always check the code with compare in ultraedit. And i only changed some parts of the forum code. like header and templates and such.

For the game i created all new files only including the header and functions so i dont need to write that.

if the functions change a lot. i can alter my code no problem smile

Hmz.. so it will be a problem sad

Ah np wink ill just check what was edited. and most of the gamefiles are not in the forum part.

they just use the functions the board uses. so if the function gets altered the game files "mostly" do not have to change.

The game is getting shape smile when you register you will see that the game is totally in the forum source and visa versa smile

Well im just using the forum as the basics so for user registration and stuff like that smile i add tables to the database and create the game around that.

so the forum is part of the game actually i add things to the forum and i use the forum source for the game big_smile

the best way to explain it is i used the engine of the forum smile

btw the style editing is not done yet wink it should difrent more from the standard layout. it will come wink all in time.

hehe nice comment thnx big_smile

BTW if you want to be a beta tester:

just register at the forum wink you can create 2 game accounts at the character selection section smile

if you can be more than just a tester send me a pm on the forums wink (user: vin99)

Hiya smile

i would like to show of my beta site for A new Dawn v4 wich is a game currently in development wink
it is in beta at the moment and we used a big part of the source of PunBB wink

thanks for this great peace of work smile (btw dont go complaining there is no credits to punbb this site is in beta. when it goes life there will be credits to punbb in the credits section)

the url is:

i hope you like it wink drop some comments smile