With this extension, your read posts are stored in the database (new column "tracked_topics" in the "users" table)

You could say that my extension corrects a self-inflicted problem, and you'd be right, but maybe a PunBB board admin somewhere needs it too, so there it is.

That's awesome! Great job.


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Slavok wrote:

You need to replace the constant FORUM_ADMIN with '4' in maxnifest.xml. This worked for me.
Also I've updated the extension a bit. You can get the latest version in SVN.

Googd info there, thanks I'm playing around with PunBB...


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I rather call the feed, but since it's not working for you then you might have to query from the database. I'm a newbie for punbb too. So I'm not with the solution but waiting for some people idea too smile


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Working as a team is the only way to get the work done. Congrats to you guys that the working process is going well. Can't wait to see what will come next  big_smile