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Basic question: have you rebooted after /since you got that error?


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This may help you: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ty-solved/

The post is a month old so it worked, some pages are indexed as far as I can tell

Slavok wrote:

I believe that the fewer actions for a user to make on a page the better. Double checking will not be useful in this case. If you send an error report, you can send another with revocation of your previous report.

You mean send another "report" but say unreport?

I see your point on too many steps, it's valid.


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This may help you http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … ess-posts/

Thinking I was replying to a post I pressed and submitted a "Report post" on another PunBB forum.
Yes, it does say "Report" so it was my fault but mistakes do happen. Double checking can cut them down.

I have the same problem with LVComS, even after I supposedly uninstalled the cam application. It doesn't slow the PC that much, but it's annoying. Removing from the start list didn't help either

cris1939 wrote:
cris1939 wrote:

Have 3 desktops with same MB, CPU, Mem, Win XP pro SP3.  One unit has 45% cpu uage constantly while other 2 have 2% usage.  With "process explorer" can suspend either svchost or spoolsv  to get CPU usage down to 2%.  Spoolsv is only in "system32 folder", all pending file printing is cancelled.  Ad Aware, AVG 9.0, malwarebyte, PCtool spyware doctor, have ben run without finding anything.  Unit locks up after long period of idle.  Reboot required to have normal function.

Have HJT files ready. 

Anyone got a clue?


I fix my own problem.  Using Process Explorer and Unlocker I found traces of printers that I haven't had in years. Killing those porcesses was not enough.  I had to find all the DLLs, unlock them and delete them. I  consentrated on the spoolsv process after working through all the processes of the svchost.