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I use several and it seems to be working although lately I keep getting the sorry page on google and can't figure out what is going on. It says that there are automated requests being performed by my computer when I try to search for something. I've run Avira, MS Security Essentials and Ad-Aware and can't find anything that is causing the problem.


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I allow signature links on my sites but only after 10 posts. On one of my sites with wordpress I have Aksimet installed which throws obvious spam comments into an archived folder that I can later delete. If the user is providing useful content and contributing to the conversation, I don't mind allowing signatures. It encourages more people to come to my site which increases my traffic and my content.


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Will there be filters kind of like Akismet for WP? It could be time consuming to have to individually approve every post.


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Thanks for posting this link. I've had a hard time finding WP templates that aren't overused and that are free. Do you recommend any good sites that teach you how to make your own templates? Thanks.