Connorhd wrote:

i think we've discussed this before, not sure if it was just automatic subscriptions though, anyway the easiest way to "subscribe" to a forum is to use its rss feed

Tell that to the users of my forum... wink
(I'd surprised if any of 'em has even heard the word RSS)

Shouldn't this be implemented by default? Can't really be considered bloat can it?

Ah, well, I'm trying to implement it now, but it's hard to do since the code has changed since this thread died.

install.php wrote:

The file 'config.php' already exists which would mean that PunBB is already installed. You should go here instead."

Do you have to install it on a clean install?

Let me suggest thge name, flames of hell wink
with subjects as religion and politics there hasve to be qite some risk of flamewars?

Nice look though.


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zaher wrote:

I dont beleave there is a fair in that Oscars. i think thay are playing a roles as in a movies.

Don't know what you're saying, but the oscars are voted for by the members of the organisation arranging it, it's people that have to do with film many actors for instance.


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graue wrote:

Didn't they just have those?

They are sending right now...


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I am, wasn't planning to, but then someone posted a link to a internet-relay of the show, and since it is using the swedish version it's realtime and ad-free.

On the forum I spend the most time I have it set to subscribe to all topics I participate in. I have turned off mailing on reply in subscribed topics. Then, in the control panel, it shows all subscribed threads that someone have responeded to, that's perfect for keeping up with what has happened. Though it's a bit annoying that it also shows the contact list, containing all users that have participated in a thread I have, it's 392 persons and the list take some time to load and probably puts ineccescary strain on the server.

That function seems to be missing from this forum, hmm someone should fix that.

BTW: Ihe forum I'm talking about is


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Illukman wrote:

heh... i would like to automatic this proccess! for example, doubled nicks don't register anyway. i would like to see something like that with similar nicks...

Well, have you tried to edit register.php?
Check row 128, that seems to be the right place to edit.
Though I'd guess that it'd take some extra time if you would have to check every similar combination possible, I'm not very good at SQL so I don't know if there are any tricks that'd make it faster.

*do still believe that the rule->ban version is easiest*


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In the agreement text they read when registering add: Registration nicks, which differ for example in one letter, or if some letters in nick are used from the other languages, but very similar to a currenttly used nick are forbidden and are insta-banned upon notice.

Wasn't hard was it?
tongue wink


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graue wrote:

You should give us a link to this supposedly superior board so we can supply long lists of reasons why PunBB is actually still the best.

Well, it doesn't have to be better, maybe it is just different.
After all, PunBB is made to have less features. If you want stuff like PM-system and Polls PunBB is easily defeated by many other forums. If you want good code and speed PunBB is among the best. I'd like it to be both(wich isn't impossible if you just take the time and don't rush it) but I'm not the one in charge.

BTW: A good idea is to not use a forum wich you are locked into, I'm gonna use PhpBB partly for that reason, there's converters to almost any forum.


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paul14 wrote:

Someone (smarter than me) just have to adapt M2F to PunBB (it is already working with phpBB2).

Considering the fact that it apparently is quite to just install the mod to PhpBB I'd guess that it's even harder to integrate into PunBB.
Otherwise I'd give it a try, since it seams like the users of the forum I'm setting  want that functionality. (sadly that means I'll have to go fpr PhpBB for the time being, the good part is that it maybe will motivate me to actually try to integrate M2F into PunBB)

Jameslicious wrote:

1:  It sounds like Spanish/Italian due to the large concentration of vowel sounds.  There's no bias toward the Spanish/Italians.  AT ALL.
2:  Any computer in the world can type the accented characters.  The accented characters are there to give the language phoneticy, so instead of having two letters for one sound (like sh, which is a digraph, Esperanto has s with a hat on top).  It has nothing to do with French.

I meant that amerians have problem to accept such languages(actually I find it hard to believe that they would accept any international language other than their own, but that it looks like french and sounds lkike spanish is definately not an advantage)

Jameslicious wrote:

3:  First, it's grammar, not gramatics (which shows you how much you don't know about English and just how difficult it really is),

Wich shows that my mother language are so similar that I someimes confuses words, in swedish it's "grammatik". Where I got the s from I have to idea though :)

Jameslicious wrote:

and secondly, why English?  You yourself can't even speak it properly.

I for sure write english better than I write esperanto, that's why. And I'm not the only one, most people know english better than esperanto.

I say like I do in the discussion about using MB or MiB, whether or not a chenge would be to prefer, people probably will not change.
If poeple would change, and most of americans used esperanto on the internet I'd not complain actually, just as I expect french people to conform to the norm that is english today. I'd myself comform to norm if it were esperanto.

Jameslicious wrote:

Esperanto belongs to no nation, has no cultural bias and is for everybody.  That is why they wouldn't see it as a parasite language.

You said youself that it "DOES kind of sound like Spanish/Italian" and that it "has a couple other letters with 'hats' on them, like the French do."
It has it's bias to french and Spanish instead, and s you say it does use that special character ^ that will make it really hard to gain popularity in USA. Also, English is already the international language, french people can moan all thay want, that's a fact. Maybe it isn't decided to be an international language, but the fact that it's used as one by people from all countries makes it so anyway.*

I think that if you would want an international language with easier gramatics it would be better to make a slight adjustment of english. Though I don't think it would have much better chance of gaining enough spread than esperanto do.

Oh I might add, that except for the fact that I think that the world already have decided, I also don't like neither the sound of esperanto or it's special character, so I'm a bit biased. smile

*Look at this forum for instance, even though the software is created by a Swedish person swedish is only allowed in one forum, while english is used for the main parts.


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Om vissa inte vill att vem som helst ska veta att de är registrerade på forumet så kan det vara bra om profilerna inte är tillgängliga för gäster(som inte kan se alla forum, men en del).

Sen är det ju upp till individen huruvida den vill att folk ska veta eller ej, bara säger att det inte är omöjligt att man skulle vilja ha en sådan funktion.

Rickard wrote:

Jonex: I doubt anyone here will make a converter that allows you to migrate away from PunBB. For that, you'll have to ask in the phpBB forums.

I thought that this converter maybe was flexible anough to be atleast easily modded.
I hope I didn't offend you by implying that there's a risk that PunBB isn't optimal for my use? tongue

I'm afraid that there isn't much chance of finding a pun-to-php-converter at phpbb.

Hehe, it seams like there's need for one, though this guy knew better than me where to post: smile
Though he seems to have quite high expectations for a free software: "...the support staff..."

I guess I'll just have to take some extra time to decide then.

graue wrote:

Maybe a 301 redirect would work?

Hmm, yeah, if IFRAMES won't do then redirecting sounds like good idea, when you access you get redirected to

Hmm url-rewriting, what is that?

graue wrote:

There's a bit of a problem though: What if a topic has 3 replies when you generate the list, but by the time you view it, it has 4 replies? It will think you have only seen three.

Yes, I thought of that, and actually I got a sollution to that, though  it may seem a bit ugly.

What you would do is that you have the link to the last message only used for the new-posts-image and the normal threadurl for the main link. And when you access the page it opens the last-post page in an IFRAME. (I think that should mark it as read)

Not sure if it works, I'll have to try when I get more secure with the PunBB source.

There's many ways of solwing the readed threads issue, som go just by new threads since last visit, others have to save every visited thread in the database.
I've come up with yet another way, a way that's wery light on the server.

The idea is that you name the thread urls after the last post, that way you can add an image showing if the thread have been read with some css.

The dowside may possibly be that the links change all the time. That is solvable though.

Any thoughts or questions?

Is it possible/easy to mod to use this tool for PunBB->PhpBB?
I'm planning to use PunBB as a forum for a site, actually I have no need of a skinned Forum and have already installed PM-mod and easy BBcode mod. But I like the clean look of this forum more than the alternatives, if I could be safe that  I won't lose anything if I (or the users) change my mind later, that would be great!