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New, improved style for PunBB 1.3.4:


We use Wordpress on main site (without bridge)

Hope u like it wink

Thanks for extension wink
It is very helpful, my users were mad about this problem with 10 minutes.


Any idea how to make chatlite under forums and categories?


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Polish lang is avaible since six months.

Jakos ja wirusow nie mam...

So You made work twice. I had 90% finished (1.2 translation + 1.3 new phrases + Riklaunim's translation...) It was used on FluxBB support.

Im sure, that Awatar (not Avatar) is Riklaunim's idea - because it is mistake (awatar to jest postać, a nie obrazek - jak już powinno być "portret").

This in topic is official polish translation.


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Do I look like an idiot?

jamj - Developer rang on your forums. Whatever.

Where to the hell I said he is from Your support team? I wrote that I found topic on your forums, also one admin was writing in this topic. Dont be childish.


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Ohh I think it is. Topic about my style: http://www.punbb-italia.it/viewtopic.php?id=31

I found link to my style there.

After writing email to jamj, he deleted my style from his site ( http://easyhomework.helloweb.eu/ ). What a shame, You should see this non changed names like "nagl1.jpg" - nagl is shorter form of polish word "naglowek", which means "header" smile


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If similar, I would understand. They were just copied, even without name change.

Hmm my styles arent published to download anywhere, but I have seen them on couple sites. I wrote copyright information in code, but in polish, so I wrote here simply.


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Sorry, but graphics are also protected by law.


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I have contact with him, he is working hard.

New portal version for punbb 1.3.2 is working on http://pun.fluxbb.pl I don't know if he publish it wink


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PunBB 1.3.2 + some extensions.


like one guy (form punbb-italia) did with my crystal blue ( http://pun.fluxbb.pl )


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These themes are just ugly...
Too much colour, or too dark. Ugly fonts colours and these horrible underlines ;p

Just Blue looks cool, but these fonts ;]


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You are wrong....

Sorry, but it's the first time, where I see this kind of thinking. There are a lot of commercial projects made on GPL apps, and there is no reason to public them for all. So in your opinion SUSE Enterprise Server or RHEL should be free for all to redistribution without authors permission? They are based on Linux, which is in fact on GPL, but they have also closed parts, and they aren't free for all.


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IMHO these 2 graphics (top header and header)  are not on GPL licence... (just icons)


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jamj, You coppied illegaly my own style and even don't changed its name... please delete it, its not for use on other than fluxbb.pl and punbb.tox.pl sites, because colours and headers are my idea.

http://www.punbb-italia.it/style/Crysta … /nagl1.gif
nagl1.gif (from naglowek, means header in polish, not italian).

Style, name and rest is coppied from my sites...


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Smartys wrote:

There are no official support sites other than this one wink

Sorry, my mistake. I thought about international support wink


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Very nice. I have a little question...

What benefits will by for this official sites?  Of course if will be...
I'm waiting for translation pattern for 1.3 (not SVN, which is changing). Some projects uses something like this, so when new versions are released they have time for translations...


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I think the package with Wii will be delivered for me tommorow smile


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me too... it is very nice editor ^^' i like it smile


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He should burn in hell ]:->

I like the idea, but my isp not want to install php5 on server (or he is on holiday) tongue


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I cant wait more :]


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Call me crazy... I'm using PunBB 1.3 from CVS on all my projects ]:->