finally i converted punBB to vBulletin smile im good smile

mambo have a lot of modules and components that i need..  and beside that i can have any template i want..  its very easy..  for design and coding.. mambo rulez the best CMS from the planet.

and if someday, there will be a bridge between mambo and punbb..  i will go back.. punbb its lovely, small, fast and easy..  but with no integration..  sad

take care guys..  was a pleasure to meet you smile

my new website its powered by mambo..  and now i start to regreate the choice i have made by using punbb sad

File: /home/domain/public_html/forum/index.php
Line: 42

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch category/forum list

Database reported: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_21cb_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28) (Errno: 1)

Sometimes i get this message..   

     An error was encountered
      Error: Unable to fetch category/forum list. 

and i just browsing the forum..  nothing more..  and even if i refresh the forum..  the error its still there !


and do u have a solution for this too ?
.... /forum/viewtopic.php?id=24&p=2  ?

on your forum u dont have threads with 2-3..  pages

and if someone from here have editplus.. its a very nicely editor.. they can as well to remove those tags with this regular expresion:  \[right\]\[snapback\][0-9]+\[/snapback\]\[/right\]

good luck smile


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and btw

in this case: forum/viewtopic.php?id=24&p=2 what rules i should put ?
/punbb/viewtopic.php?pid=$1[L]  will not work..

$data = file_get_contents("");
$newdata = preg_replace("#\\[right\\]\\[snapback\\][0-9]+\\[/snapback\\]\\[/righ
t\\]#i", "", $data);
echo $newdata;

and that it was..  very hard.. big_smile


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i have:    /forum/viewforum-9.html
and        /forum/viewforum.php?id=9

how can i lose   ..php?id=9

thx smile


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its working big_smile

thx Paul..  but how can i change that ? now i should go into the source ? and change from there ? smile

and what about posts ?

Hi there,

when i want to see all the posts from a one user..  i see the topics where that users made his posts..  so this function is more like "Show all topics where the users have a post"

or maybe there is a way to change that ? and actually to show only his/her posts not the topics ?

and the second

there are only one color for sticky topics and the same color for closed topics ? sad



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its not working for me..  and mod_rewrite its enable.. sad


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nice..  but where i put the second code ?

the first one i quess in function.php there is his place smile


yes, thank you both smile

btw.. there is a way to integrate punbb in LDU800 ?

its not a mod..  u just simply put what color u want to have.. pretty easy.. even for a newby like me big_smile

i mean how can i make to show the last post ? not from the begining of the topic.. 

thx smile


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finally !


Thank you.. and people love that stuff..  its like smoking wink

i know its does..  but with some modification.. 

..and what is the command ? or where can i find that command ?

This is so cool.. smile

in both exemple its NOTHING about the 'Recent posts' !

only about others stuff.. of course..  wink  and everyone put on thier sites the "Recent posts"..  so maybe a link with what i should modify in extern.php to show the 'Recent posts' ?

Thank you smile

P.S. Maybe its time to update this page:
  ..and the instructions from extern.php
because its nothing about "recent posts"


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yes Smartys..  but how ? and where..  i know i should do something..  but how ? smile


No need a reply.. i found the answer wink


Hi again,

If i want to change the color of a title close topic ? or a title stiky topic ?

i mean instead of that grey to be red ? because its important,  thats way its sticky wink



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Hi again


Hi there

After i put a poll..  how can i work on it ? i mean to change the questions if i want..  ?

I dont see "edit poll" sad