I recently made a skin for my PunBB installation, which now means that the forums look like my main site.

After the new skin went live, I have been recieving complaints abouts errors occurinf in Internet Explorer, and not is other browsers.


The text is centered and there appears to be a light blue bar on the left where the user details are.

Here is the forums link so that you can view it.

Can anyone advise me on how to solve this problem?

Well they re hosted on the same server, just a different domain is pointing to that part of the server if you know what I mean?

Hmm, is this what I;m looking for?  I just need a script that will take the latest 5 forum posts and display a link to them on my home page?

OK, I have no idea how to edit.wirte PHP.  Could someone please post the coding for me please?

My forums are on a seperate server and I know no PHP coding, could someone please help by posting the coding I need to view the 5 latest posts at my web site (which is on a seperate server!)

Many thanks.


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Sorry, I posted the wrong link, http://forums.ufpst.co.uk


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Does anyone have any ideas?


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I have my forums located at http://forum.ufpst.co.uk and I am having trouble getting the skin to be just right.

One of the main problems is the text colour, and the boxes on the main index page.  Can any guide me in the right direction?  It would be very appricated.


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Thanks for the responce.

I was wondering, would it take long to create a module for Mambo?  If someone was willing to do it?

Thanks in advance.


I have had a skim through this thread, and I was wondering can this converter work for converting IPB 2 final to punBB?

Thanks in advance.


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I have afew questions relating to PunBB.

* Is there a converted to convert posts and members from an Invision Power Board to the punBB system?

* Is the punBB skin-able?  Can I change it to look like my site (this may well be answered in the next question!)

* Is there an add on module for the Mambo CMS for punBB so I can use it to integrate it with my site?

Thanks for your time!


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When a member at board tries to register he gets the message ?your user name is no good? and that ?my e-mail address is already in use? and he has unknownly registered 3 times - but can not get the e-mail - any ideas whats up?

Dustin Cook.