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I look through this and punres forum and I couldn't find a way to merge two (or more) topics. I sure could use this feature.

Hope I'll find it in the next version.

p.s.: If anyone know how can I merge who topics, please, let me know.


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can you explain how did you integrate tinyMCE into punBB.

I've tried, but failed sad

O god, stupid me. thanks.

There is no error!

Time(s) and Querys just always appears at the bottom, regardless of PUN_DEBUG setting in include/common.php

lament wrote:
hubabuba wrote:

I need this options because my users used IPB for some time..  and they need those 2 options:

1) when someone recieve a PM.. to be notified via email...
2) when someone send a PM to be stored by default in send box.. 

Can u plz me more clear where and what exactlly i should modify ?  thx smile

And after that if i could find someone to tell me how can i subscribe to a topic, a user by default, after he reply to a topic..  will be great !

We've debated this, and I too would love that feature, but they're saying it's not going to happen.

Here's our discussion (starting with my post #262).

you can replace line 224 in message_send.php

$checkboxes[] = '<label><input type="checkbox" name="savemessage" value="1" tabindex="'.($cur_index++).'" />'.$lang_pms['Save message'];


$checkboxes[] = '<label><input type="checkbox" name="savemessage" value="1" tabindex="'.($cur_index++).'"  checked="checked" />'.$lang_pms['Save message'];

so Save message will be checked by default.

You can also add checked="cheked" to the subscription checkbox. You may want to check if is reply or new topic. so the code will look something like that

if (isset($tid))
  echo ' checked="checked"';

I have weird problem after instaling PMS. Can't disable Debug mode. In include/common.php is line 26 (define('PUN_DEBUG', 1)) commented, but debug info still shows up. I've tried to delete cache, debug info still there. I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help me, please.

some info:
PunBB 1.2.6 with Attachment Mod and PMS installed.

I have weird problem with attacment mod. I edit files and upload them. instalation went OK. Problem is when I view topic (viewtopic.php?id=x), nothing shows. Just blank page. I also get blank page when clicking in administration area on Attacment Mod.

I have also download alredy modified files, but still getting blank pages.

The PunBB is last version without any mods added (for now:)).  Any ideas what could be wrong?