Okay, got it fixed with PHPMyAdmin (don't know how but got it ;-) but still wonder how/why it happens from time to time... Any ideas?

Friends, I had this error twice so far.
While I've simply installed an backup copy last time I can't do it this time because backup is 2 weeks old or so and if I'm going to do it I'm loosing lots of credits from my visitors.

The problem is the following:

If I go to http://forum.ppcw.net It get the following error message:

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in E:\www\ppcw.net\www.ppcw.net\forum\include\common.php on line 731

An error was encountered 
Error: Unable to fetch category/forum list.

If I check in PHPMyAdmin for the SQL DB I get for "forums" just a message called "in use".
What does it mean and how to get it fixed? I already restarted the sever but all the time the same problem. The table is in use and seems not to allow access.
Why that and why does it happen for me with PunBB only? Never seen this before with my other PHP apps I'm running on my site.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I don't want to have my forum in this condition for to long nor I can use a backup as I said before... :-(

Hope anybody here can help me? BTW: It's a Win 2003 Server.


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minichip wrote:

I was wondering if other germans are in here


Also, wo seit Ihr ?



Cheers, Holger

German or Hessisch <Hessisch> babbeln </Hessisch> ? smile


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Kennel and all others! smile
What do you think about a general "announcements" box, e.g. between the upper main navigation box and the messages box.
For any reason last night my SQL DB screwed up and I lost some postings. While I could/will announce it in the general forums not everybody might read that kind of announcements.
So adding an announcement to every page might be helpful here.
I would suggest a form in the Admin -> Option section which can be enabled/disabled.


Hej, it's me again! smile
Tested it and it "works" now since anonymous users can't vote anymore but get the result. sad
Unfortunately - to answer your question - I think it's important that anonymous user can vote also. Don't know how it works in other communities but most of the postings on my site comes from regular visitors but for any reason they don't want to create an account - which is okay for me.
I don't think that to many users will remove cookies at all. If it happens it's bad luck but even better then not being able to vote...

[EDIT]Maybe it would be a nice option too for permissions to allow anonymous votes or not. Best of all would be to select this option if you create a poll.

Anyway - will modify the output template to notice the users that you have to be a registered user to vote which might be not clear for the visitors of the poll.[/EDIT]

Thanks chacmool, will give it a try now and let you know how it works.
Sorry Kennel for using the wrong forum.

Just an additional thought to chacmool: Have you thought about using cookies to prevent anonymous user to vote more then once for the same pool? IP tracking isn't working because of the dynamic IPs for modem and DSL access and member tracking only doesn't work as we have seen with the problem I've reported so the only/best way to get it working are cookies.
Maybe you could use the punBB cookies from Kennel here anyway?

Anyway - thanks for the fast fix! Will let you know if/how it is working for me.

@chacmool: Don't know anymore if I have your latest mod or not (updated, fixed, tweaked to much on my site to remember ;-) but I have a problem with voting from non-registered (anonymous) users.

In fact it works and shows the poll radio buttons for anonymous visitors as long as nobody has voted. As soon as the first anonymous voted the vote is added into the DB like this:

voters: ,605,2,,

In fact it means user "605", "2" and " " voted while " " is a not logged in user. However, this denies other not logged in users to add their vote too because " " has already voted... You know what I mean?
In fact only the first anonymous user can vote, everybody else later get the result only.

Not sure if you have it fixed with 1.1 and which code I need to change then.
If you want to check out an example, see here:


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This forum has 544 registered users, 349 topics and 1420 posts

Rows: 42323
Size: 2.52 MB


Okay, I'm so super proud about my site and forum relaunch that I have to post about it here also, specially because I heavily tweaked PunBB which will causes trouble for future updates and upgrades - I know but I wanted to make it as much my site as possible big_smile

So what do you think? I know, it's always a question of taste but I love it... ;-)


Tried it and it works great (on my IE environment)! Great work - 1000+ thanks!
Just a thought about a feature I might miss or which isn't included:

I would suggest to add an option to "admin_permissions.php" which defines if "Guests" and/or "Users" are allowed to create polls. While I would allow it Users I would prefer if not registered users can't create a poll; so registering is just another benefit.

What do you think?

Awesome! Yes, please continue your work and go for it!
This would make my modification much easier! Thanks for the effort!


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Me too!

Don't know if you like it but I think it would be useful if Admins and Moderators would receive notifications by E-Mail if a new posting was added:

* Admins get notifications for every new posting
* Moderators get same notifications but only for Forums they are a mod for

Maybe it could be also defined for all postings, postings from not registered visitors only, etc...

The reason is that not every mod is in the Forum every day and specially for the Admin it might be important to get notified if new postings was added.


Hehehe... Yes, it's an ugly bug of that script... Will be changed with "PPCW.Net 2003" anyway... wink
Even me was born one year and 47 days later... smile

Kennel wrote:

Looks good. One thing though, you don't have to connect and select DB twice. I think you can safely remove the two rows after the first ExecuteSQL(). Or did I miss something?

Hmmm... No, seems you are right. Why the hell I've added it!? ;-)
Well, if a non-coder starts coding... Maybe it's because I'm German and I want to make sure it really connects!? ;-) LOL...

I'm actually planning on doing something similar for PunBB 1.1 smile

That's great. I see my code as a kind of temp solution anyway...

Edit: BTW, that's a nice website and forum you've got there. Nice to see you've modified the look a little smile

Thanks but the Forum integration is still far away from what I'm planing and working on right now. Currently I'm moving to a new server and there I'm working on a much smother integration. What you see on the "old" (current) site is just a bloody fast workaround I made because I removed my old Forum and wanted to make sure to have a Forum online anyway.

Okay, I'm not a coder at all but I took the time to create some code for "recent discussions" on front pages:

I used it in a seperate file like _recentdiscussions.php which I included then into the CMS:


  $MYSQL_HOST = 'localhost';
  $MYSQL_USER = '';

  $mySQLconerror = "<h1>mySQL server died unexpectly</h1><h3>There was an internal error processing your request!</h3>Click <a href='javascript:location.href=location.href'>refresh</a> to resubmit the information.<br>If the error persists contact your system administrator or the support team.</h3>";
  $mySQLdberror  = "<h1>mySQL server internal error</h1><h3>Could not select the database! The database might be deleted or in error code.</h3>Click <a href='javascript:location.href=location.href'>refresh</a> to resubmit the information.<br>If the error persists contact your system administrator or the support team.</h3>";

  function ExecuteSQL($query,$db_conn) {
    $result = mysql_query($query,$db_conn);
    if (mysql_errno() != "0") { 
      echo "<div class='error'><br>mySQL ERROR # ".mysql_errno()." <br> ".mysql_error()."<br><br><br><button hidefocus onClick='history.back(-1)' class='menu1'>Back</button><br><br></div>\n";
    else {
      return $result;

  $numberOfPosts   = 5;
  $numberOfCharacters = 85;

  $connection = @mysql_connect("$MYSQL_HOST", "$MYSQL_USER", "$MYSQL_PASSWORD") or die("$mySQLconerror");
  $db = @mysql_select_db("$MYSQL_DATABASE", $connection) or die("$mySQLdberror");
  $sql = "SELECT id,poster,message,posted,topic_id FROM posts ORDER by posted DESC LIMIT 0,".$numberOfPosts; 
  $result = ExecuteSQL($sql,$connection);

  $connection1 = @mysql_connect("$MYSQL_HOST", "$MYSQL_USER", "$MYSQL_PASSWORD") or die("$mySQLconerror");
  $db1 = @mysql_select_db("$MYSQL_DATABASE", $connection1) or die("$mySQLdberror");

  while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
    $sql = "SELECT subject  FROM topics WHERE id='".$row['topic_id']."'"; 
    $res = ExecuteSQL($sql,$connection);
    $tmp = mysql_fetch_array($res);
    $topic  = $tmp["subject"];
    $thread  = $row["id"]; 
    $myname  = $row["poster"]; 
    $ctext  = $row["message"]; 
    $ctext = ereg_replace("^(.{1,$numberOfCharacters})[ .,].*", "\\1", $ctext);

    $myname  = str_replace("<","",$myname);
    $myname  = str_replace(">","",$myname);
    $ctext  = strip_tags($ctext);


    $sql1 = "SELECT threadid,forumid FROM itaf_thread where threadid='{$thread}' limit 0,1"; 
    $result1 = ExecuteSQL($sql1,$connection1);
    while ($row1 = mysql_fetch_array($result1)) {
      $forum = $row1["forumid"];
    $output = "<a href=\"/forum/viewtopic.php?pid={$thread}#{$thread}\"><b>{$topic}</b></a><br><b>{$myname} says:</b> <i>{$ctext}...</i>";
    $output = str_replace("\n","",$output);
    $output = str_replace("\r","",$output);

    print $output."<p>";


The result can be seen here http://www.ppcw.net/
Oh yes, again - I have more or less no coding skills so the code above might be completely crap - feel free to improve and modify it... ;-)

Today I got an update about a topic I've subscribed for, it seems also others subscribed for this topic (see below in To: line) which I'm not sure should happens.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: PunBB.org Forums Mailer [mailto:punbb@telia.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 12:55 AM
> To: webmaster@ppcw.net; info@bluedigitalmedia.com
> Subject: Reply to topic: Recent discussions code on front page
> Kennel replied to the topic 'Recent discussions code on front
> page' to which you are subscribed.  The post is located at
> http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=4737#4737  You can
> unsubscribe by going to
> http://punbb.org/forums/misc.php?unsubscribe=2494  /Forum
> Mailer (Do not reply to this message)

I think this kind of E-Mail should be send anonymously as Bcc or recipient by recipient.

What do you think about a rule by status for guests, members, mods/admins?
maybe you could use that rules for different allowed file size too?

Looking awesome! smile Congrats so far for a promising development!
Any thoughts about an estimated release date?