Hi !
I'm planning to integrate punbb into my website, as a comments system

each page of my site would allow visitors to post a comment to that page, and all the comments would be displayed ( and maybe paginated ) in the bottom of that page, just after the post form
( each page of my website would be bounded to a punbb topic )

i read the documentation, it says to use the common.php file, which gives access to all punbb variables and functions, but are All punbb functions/variables defined in the functions.php file ?

if you know if those functions exist, and where they are are defined  ( can't find the 1st in functions.php ) :
_ a function which gives me a list of all messages of a topic
_ a functions which gives all the information of a message ( the message body, the author etc ... )

If i'm right, when a page includes the common.php it can recognize the punbb user, then is it possible to post a message to punbb from outside it ? ( a ready to paste html form code for example, which of course recognizes logged users )

thanks in advance


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i use vim big_smile

a bit long to master, but when you do, you're superproductive ^^

elbekko wrote:

would be translated by .htaccess to

i know url rewriting smile
i meant how do you match each url parameter to each forum ? is it something like

/* index.php  && install.php */
$forum = $GET_['forum']

require_once 'thepathtotheconfigfile/config.inc_'.$forum.'.php';

and then you make a script which creates a config.inc_someuser.php when someuser registers ??


elbekko wrote:

Hardly, just sending the identifier through the URL is much easier.

could you be more precise ?



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what do you mean by " difficult to run " ??
you mean difficult to install ? to use ??

Connorhd wrote:

and therefore not useful to many people.

at least it will be useful to me smile, by searching this forum a little bit i found some other persons who asked for this kind of feature,

but imho, i think it would be useful to some people, there are more and more multilingual forums out there, sometimes up to 10 different languages !!

In those, many bilingual persons, including me keep switching between 2 forums, for example i "double post" nearly half of the time. Or for example during periods when i'm lazy to read the english section, and then one day i realize there was an awesome piece of information given on the english speaking section 2 months ago ....
The different languages communities are so separated that some of us even play the role of "messengers" between the different forums categories, to keep everyone up to date about the "others' " important ideas, debates ( it's a support forum about a software )

and i really think that's a pity as 3/4 of french have basic knowledge of english language, the problem is that there are separate forums, so most people just don't go and check the others ( forums )

I know that this plugin/mod would not be useful to as many as for example the private messaging plugin does, but i don't think i'll be the only one to use it ( maybe we will be three or four big_smile   :joking: )


by the way, do you think the 1.3 version is "final enough" so that people can start writing plugins/mods for it ???

+1, if you have 200 forums on a shared server plz TELL me who this webhost is !!! big_smile big_smile big_smile

softlinks are a very simple and efficient way to deal with multi-forums ... ( i think that's what every forum hosting service like mypunbb does )


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Connorhd wrote:

A plugin might be able to be created, if not a mod could

u mean such features might require to modify "by hand" punbb files, and that they coudn't be implemented as a normal plug-in ( these plug-ins that are installed/uninstalled in 2 clicks ) ?

Connorhd wrote:

to make something like this work well though

i've never read punbb source, but do you think it would be very difficult to code ??? i would like to have these multilingual features, so i may spend some time to make this work


p.s.   : do you know if there is any other forum software that has such features ?? ( don't worry, i'll stick to punbb forever wink, but i may just take a look at the way it works precisely )


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Hi !
so far when people need a multilanguage board, they create different forums, each one for one language

but i think this is a bad idea, because it really splits the community in 2 ( or more ) :
a lot of people can speak several languages, for example my mother language is french, but i can speak english

i signuped in several bilingual forums, but i hardly ever post/read topics in the english-speaking section ( lazy to keep switching between the two sections )

I think it would be a good idea to merge those forums into a single one :
_ when someone creates a new topic, he chooses the topic's language
_ each user chooses the language(s) he can read in his profile, and of course only the topics matching those languages would be displayed to him

_ the ability to post multiple topics in the different languages, for example for an annoucement, an admin wants to create a topic translated into all the languages available, instead of creating x posts, he just creates one, and on the topic writing page, he has as many textareas as there are languages and then when he clicks on the submit button, x topics are created, one for each language.
( the created topics wouldn't be binded in any way, it's just to save time )

_ maybe, when a topic gets really interesting, we may want to translate it into all languages, it would be a "multilingual topic", depending on your profile settings you 'll see the topic in xxxx language, and then admins/translators would have to translate every answer in all languages

Will the 1.3 plugin system allow to create such a modification ?



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hi !
i installed punbb 1.3 on my local server ( latest linux xampp ), i installed it this morning, but there is on big bug i think ( or maybe it is my configuration ... ) :
_ i just can't create new forums, i can create new categories, but when i try to create new forums, the correponding button seems to do nothing ( as if the button doesn't link to anything ... ), i delete the forums.php "svncheckout" again, i have the very latest build and default xampp setup ...


rename the plugin files to have 4 different copies of the news generetor, then config each to suit your needs, i think that should work