Topic: Planning to integrate punbb into my site : a few questions

Hi !
I'm planning to integrate punbb into my website, as a comments system

each page of my site would allow visitors to post a comment to that page, and all the comments would be displayed ( and maybe paginated ) in the bottom of that page, just after the post form
( each page of my website would be bounded to a punbb topic )

i read the documentation, it says to use the common.php file, which gives access to all punbb variables and functions, but are All punbb functions/variables defined in the functions.php file ?

if you know if those functions exist, and where they are are defined  ( can't find the 1st in functions.php ) :
_ a function which gives me a list of all messages of a topic
_ a functions which gives all the information of a message ( the message body, the author etc ... )

If i'm right, when a page includes the common.php it can recognize the punbb user, then is it possible to post a message to punbb from outside it ? ( a ready to paste html form code for example, which of course recognizes logged users )

thanks in advance

Re: Planning to integrate punbb into my site : a few questions

Hi buddy, please do a search before you start a topic. I too have the same problem now.. you can see another guy also asking the same thing. if we are scattered, then we may not get the solution soon. check this topic...

And we ll wait for the help...

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