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Thank you.  I think the hostname must be incorrect then.


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Hi, I'm trying to convert my current phpbb forum, located on a friend's webspace, to a punBB one my own webspace.  Can someone explain exactly what each of the things it asks for is (hostname, username, password, database, prefix)?  I'm pretty sure I have the correct MySQL database name and prefix, but I'm not 100% sure what the other items it's asking for are.  I've tried various things and I keep recieving a "Converter reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. Please check your settings again." message.


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This is an excellent idea.  I might implement it so it asks a simple IQ question to prevent utter idiots, as well as bots, from joining the forum.

Yeah, you'd add/delete/edit as usual basically, except the options from the permissions section would also be available in the group settings, thus negating the need to have them under a seperate heading.  And there's no need to be curt; unless you've been working on the code yourself (in which case, fair enough) your opinion on whether on not this is going to add bloat is no more valid than mine.  Like I said, I don't work on PunBB so I can't make that kind of call, only Rickard, Paul, et al. can.

How do you know there will be any excess code?  The fact it would be more flexible wasn't meant to negate the bloat argument, it was an added advantage.  You're looking at this from a different angle, which is fair enough, but to me having the two seperate features seems redundant when they could be merged, and don't think this equates to "removing smaller features and adding a giant feature" either, but as I'm not Rickard, I obviously wouldn't know for certain.

Just to clarify, the sort of of feature I'm trying to describe wouldn't make things any more complex unless the administrator wishes to.  You can still have the admin/moderator/member groups set up as they are now in the default installation; the difference is that the administrator will have the option to remove/add/modify the groups (which is why the permissions would be merged into the user groups section obviously).  This seems like a cleaner and more streamlined way of managing these features to me.  I'm not sure if this would make sense as an extension seeing as it's more like a complete replacement of how PunBB currently works, rather than just adding an additional feature.

I would agree, but it's not so much as an extra feature as a replacement for the feature as it is now.  I understand why PunBB is light on features, but I don't think that's really the issue in this particular case.  If anything this feature could be used to reduce bloat by merging the "Permissions" and "User Groups" sections together, which at the same time would make the board much more flexible.  But I guess it's ultimately up to Rickard.

This seems like a common sense addition.  The forums that just have a simple admin/moderator/member structure seem to be in the minority to me.

Jonex wrote:

Is it possible/easy to mod to use this tool for PunBB->PhpBB?
I'm planning to use PunBB as a forum for a site, actually I have no need of a skinned Forum and have already installed PM-mod and easy BBcode mod. But I like the clean look of this forum more than the alternatives, if I could be safe that  I won't lose anything if I (or the users) change my mind later, that would be great!

I have to second this in spite of the odds against it.  I plan switching from phpBB to PunBB when 1.3 comes out anyway but it would certainly give me peace of mind to know that I wouldn't be trapped using it if for any reason I decided it wasn't right for my forum (which I doubt will happen to be honest).

godp777 wrote:

my monthly budget for a site would be less then $15...are there places that offer hosting capabilities in this budget with everything i need...

http://www.topclasshost.com/ possibly?