It'll work.
Just install punbb, edit the config manually so that it points to the correct db, load your backup, and that should be it.

I can get you a couple.
Here's punbb on a nokia communicator 9500:


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Well, you could fix that.
It'sprobably only adding the correct table rules for sqlite for it.
I did the same for the PM mod, it's not difficult, as long as you know your sql.


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It should be possible. As long as you can get a standard sql-dump from mysql.
The table and cellnames are the same, so that's no problem.

Can you make a dump and test-load it? That way you can try before really converting.

You didn't close your <p>  with </p> anywhere, so I'm guessing mozilla is at a loss where the paragraph ends.

you probably forgot to place a "; " on or near line 1061
in file c:\wamp\www\punbb\include\functions.php

Smartys is right, check your editing.


I've added sqlite support to the plugin.
The new version is 1.2.2b, also available at:

Not sure if it all works correctly, as I don't have an sql db to test it with, so feedback from sqlite users please!

Hendrik-Jan Heins

Another change:

The plugin gave everybody BUT the administrators the possibility to use the PM system.
I modded /plugin/AP_Private_messaging.php so that now also admins can use the system.

For sqllite: can sqllite users tell me (or connerhd) the commands they need to add and modify a table, so that we can also adapt this plugin for sqllite.



If you downloaded the file on my server before  nov. 4th, 13:30 GMT, it won't work!!!!
The version that is available there now, will.

Hendrik-Jan Heins

Just another small change:

in files/include/header_new_messages.php, change line 11 to:
        if($pun_config['o_pms_enabled'] != 0 && $pun_user['g_id'] > PUN_GUEST){
(<- so it's about the "o_pms_..." part!) This prevents the error in the head of your forum.

Hendrik-Jan Heins

Hey all,

I've just modified this mod to also work on postgresql.
I'm not sure where/to whom to send it, Conner maybe?

For now you can find it on:
I'd like to merge the changes with the current version, so can the maintainer of this mod send me a message?

Hendrik-Jan Heins