How about the ability to set a default of whether it should be displayed or not? That would be cool

Also is this supported by 2.1.10? Anyone know?

Well there are a few issues with this mod.  You cannot edit your poll option text after you make them.  The options should be dynamic.  Meaning there should be 1 or 2 to start out with and then you click a button to add more options.

Other than that, this looks pretty cool.

One little issue is that when you move the forum around its great.  However when you let it go, I think it should 'snap' back into place.  It should be simple enough to use the same calculation for when you switch the forums for this as well.  Another idea is to put a Delete link next to the Edit link so that its easier to just skim through the boards and remove the ones you do not want.

Good job though, I like this smile