I'm using this extension:

"Antispam System
    Version 1.3.4
    Created by PunBB Development Team
    Adds CAPTCHA to registration, login and guest posting forms. Puts restrictions on adding user signatures and website links."

However, when I try to register a new account, no CAPTCHA appears. I keep clicking Reload Images, but it doesn't work.

I've updated to punBB 1.4, but since 1.3 I've never been able to display CAPTCHA.

hklown wrote:

Could you post the exact text/a screencap of the error you're getting?

Hi. It is "Missing import parameters". That's all :-(

According to your experiences, do you need to edit .sql file? (because in that file there are many lines with old domain. So I need to edit to new domain)?

dimkalinux wrote:

If you use any hosting software like CPanel - make all backup and restore operation from it.
If you have PHPmyAdmin - use it.

In last order if you have only ssh access to hosting — use this command


but it may depends on some paramaters...

Thank you.
Could you make an example about which parameters we should set when exporting a MySQL database by using phpAdmin? I just use the default setting, and when I import the .sql file to another database, it displays an error about "missing import type" (I can't see anything "Import type" to select when using Import function in phpAdmin)???

This is my very very big problem. It may cause me to leave my punBB forum and choose to set up a non-MySQL forum. It's disastrous because I like my punBB forum.

For example:
My 1st host:
- Domain: abc.com
- Has a punBB forum
- A MySQL database name: a1111_punbb
- The database's user and password are: a1111 and 123456
- MySQL host name is xxx.abc.com

Now my host is crashed and I must move the forum and its database to another host (2nd host). Also I change my domain.
- Domain: def.com
- MySQL database name: b3333_forum
- The database's user and password are: b3333 and 123456
- MySQL host name is xxx.def.com

Please help me answer these questions:
1/ What do I need to do to back up my MySQL database "a1111_punbb" at "abc.com" (1st host)?
2/ Then how to import that back-up file to my new database "b3333_forum" at "def.com".

3/ I think I must change something in the back-up file, also. Because my new database will have a new name; it'll be on a new host and a new domain,...

I've tried to export my "a1111_punbb". It creates a .sql file. Then I've tried to import it to my "b3333_forum" but it keeps displaying errors about missing parameters, invalid,... or something like that.

It makes me go crazy! Now I'm very afraid that one day, if my host crashes and I need to move to another host, I can't bring my MySQL database with me and all posts, replies in my forum will be lost.

Thank you very much.

dimkalinux wrote:

All menu items have ID.
You can write in CSS files rules for adding icons as background for this IDs.

Thank you for letting me know but I'm a newbie, so can you tell me which CSS file do I need to change? And could you please give me an example?

For HTML I can search but I know nothing about CSS. sad

Thank you.

In every PunBB forum there is a Menu Bar, such as this one in this forum:

Index - News - PunBB - Wiki - Github - User list...

Now I want to add an icon next to each link in Menu Bar to make it look more vibrant. For example, I want to add a "house" image before "Index" link, a "newspaper" image before "News".

How can I do that?

Thank you very much.

Hi everybody,

I'm a newbie and just know a little about code. I use punBB to create a very simple forum and now I want to create "Recent 10 posts" list in my forum so people can know what's new.

I've read this: http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/integration

I can't understand what to do to use "Recent 10 posts" in my forum.

1/ What should I do with that "Recent 10 posts" code? I mean what type of file should I edit or create? And where to put that file?

2/ What does this mean: "How to include my file into *.tpl?"

Please help me. Thank you.