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Our business will cover all of Minneapolis/St. Paul and the suburbs.  The potential would be 100+ schools and 50 classes per school.  That's would be an idealistic dream to have all on our system, but anythings possible in time.  Right now I would say the goal is 8-10 schools and 10-20 classes.


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Yes, one bulletin board per school and multiple forums (class years).  The database is whatever makes the best sense.


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Okay, I'd better clarify.  My son installed PunBB on my Linux system for me.  I have very little knowledge in Linux.

I take it that using a different database isn't a big deal, e.g. a name change in the setup, so I have no problem with that.  The users will have the basic forum abilities, to post, avatars, smilies..., since this is not a techie type forum, there is no reason for them to have it.

The main idea is to have a forum for Anoka Sr. High and another for Blaine, Coon Rapids, and so on.  This way the classmates can communicate with each other without having to pay a fee and in their local area (unlike Classmates which covers the entire country.  This is why I wanted to have the ability to restrict the areas of the forum to only the graduation year (e.g. 1972) or a group of years (1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975).  The second set due to the fact that many classmates had friends two years ahead and two years behind them.  But afterwards, having it for each school may be better, since it allows a family members to communicate for another (dad/mom is deceased or computer illiterate).

The question would be, how much access is required for a moderator?  If I have one member from each class as a moderator for their group, am I having to allow access to the whole database or just a table (or two)?


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Okay, I think I got what your saying.  Watching over all of the forums could be a time consuming pain.  The question your statement (...forums in the same database...) brings up is, is it any less of a headache if they had their own database?  Maybe I read too much into it.

This may seem like an odd question, but how do I remove the Visual Styles that are in the profile and how do I setup my own?  I'm looking at using the school colors for each forum.


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How much overhead (space and cpu) does it take when you use the "prefix" option to run multiple forums?  In my situation, I could conceivably have hundreds of forums going at once (not in this year but within 5 years).

Okay.  I take it that the "moderator" was setup as a hard-coded option, since you did have the capability of allowing only admin and moderators into certain areas.

I'm looking at having users assigned to a specific Topic (for lack of a better way) and thought if we could add User types (Guest, Admin, Moderator) and assign them to each topic.  In my case, I'm looking at Alumni for one school having their own Topic (School XYZ - Class of 1977) and another school a different topic.  By using the logic that says only a moderator is allowed in this area, it could be accomplished or has it already been done