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...sorry. now it does.


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A forum dedicated to control4.  We've added a few mods and hacks:

* Login box in header
* Recent threads mod in header
* dokuwiki
* RSS Feeds
* modded footer to show more info
* modded file library
* IRC chat (not accessible to guests)
* resolved/not resolved/not marked for topic resolution
* Photo Gallery (in showcase)
* creative commons licensed (not really a mod, and why not, right?) smile

...some more features located in the "FAQ & Announcements" Section that I don't remember off the top of my head.

Thanks for the great forum software, Rickard, and thank you to all mod developers for their great work!  Hope you guys like it. 


-c4forums.com team

sweet - thanks!


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This is really amazing.  Great job, hcgtv!

I just tried it with firefox  (with adblock and greasemonkey turned off) and it doesn't work.  Works in IE on my machine.  Anyone else with this problem?


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Does anyone know how to do this?  We're trying to enable authentication so private forums can have RSS.



Hello Everyone,

First off this Mod is awesome... Second, does anyone know how to disable the mod from automatically marking topics as read after the user timeout has occurred, in addition if the user logs off we don't want the topics marked as read?  I only want it to mark the topic as read if they actually reads the topic.

Thanks so much


I second this request.  Thanks.  Andy.

I would like to test this out.  Any progress made on this?  Thanks.