Bumping this. Was that only a feature before 1.3?

Hi, im trying to install and get this error:

The constant FORUM_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid PunBB installation root directory.

Edit: Didnt realize this was for PunBB 1.2, nevermind


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PM Sent


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Yes it is a very old bb that didnt need backing up at the time, one of the old forum mods downloaded the forums with a program like HTTrack, so there is no database just rendered HTML like you said.

I really dont have a problem adding the posts by hand but really dont want to add all the users by hand. I have a txt file with a list of all the usernames I just need help with the MySQL to insert them into the punbb_users table.


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There isn't one lol it was backed up by downloading the website (long story tongue ). I'm adding all the post by hand  hmm  lol

im manually adding the user names and logging into each of them and copying the posts they made. If I could mass add this list of users I think I can add the post through mysql without logging into each user


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Well, it shouldn't be that hard to put together a script for that imo. Just give me the structure of users table

The structure? I just have a factory install of punbb besides 3 extensions. I don't need anything past the salt field.

My punbb_users table currently looks like so:

id - stopped at 71 Edit: Thought I had only 28 users
group_id - all 3
username - I have a list
password - admin for all a.t.m
salt - salt
email - all have random emails but im going through phpmyadmin and deleting them since the extension requires an email for new users

And with the second problem - delete the '#' from <h2> and it should work

Thanks, trying this now. Edit: Worked big_smile


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Wish I could help. I have virtually no coding experience. But im thinking you will need some php script to query the database. Wish I could be of more assistance. There are alot of coding forums out there that could probably show you what you need or get you in the right direction. Good luck. Nice site btw


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Hi, I have a BB from a long time ago and im trying to put the posts in this board by hand, as the only backup was a whole site download.


Is there a way to mass add users through MySQL? I have pun_admin_add_user but have over 1000+ users (Very tedious)

If that isnt possible how can I directly link to the add users section in the users list (to save me some scrolling time)

I tried adding my own navigational link with:

2 = <a href="http://example.com/userlist.php#addusers">Add Users</a>

and then changing the line in manifest.xml to

<h2 id="#addus" class="hn"><span><?php echo $lang_admin_add_user['Add user'] ?></span></h2>

But it doesnt link to that section in the page. Any help would be appreciated.


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Depends what you are using for the front-end of your site. Usually you will have to do some 'out-side' coding. You will want to pull the login information from the Forum SQL database and put it in your sites user database. That is just a very oversimplified look at it though.