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I don't really know how to write converters haha. I'm in great need of a converter so I can change my PhpBB 3.1 to PunBB 1.4!


(3 replies, posted in PunBB 1.4 troubleshooting)

How do i convert from 3.1 PhpBB to latest PunBB? hmm

Does anyone know how you can do that? Does it still work with the "PhpBB converter" or is that one outdated?


I still don't get it. Couldn't find any solution there...

And by the way, it says 'f', not 'n' on the error.

So, I've tried to update my 1.2.21 forum to 1.3.* 2 times now, and I still get some errors.
These errors occure after the installation of 1.3, and it says that I can't  update because of some errors on line 66 in...parser.php I think it was. I don't remember exactly because after looking on Google for an answer (4 hours...) I "raged" and canceled the update so I didn't accidently caused any problems on my forum. Please, if someone can help me with this, write here!

Oh, and fyi, my forum used to be a PunBB-hosting forum, but i converted over to pure PunBB. (I think it was FluxBB back then?) I've heard peeps talking about getting this error if your forum used to be a PunBB-hosting forum.


EDIT: This topic's maybe placed in the wrong section, well well...
EDIT 2: Here! The error occurred on line 388 in "/mysite/public_html/include/dblayer/mysql.php

Database reported: Duplicate entry 'n' for key 1 (Errno: 1062)."