Thanks hoang83vu, i'll stick a link to your site in the main post

Those options should now be quick to add, I just need to find an appropriate hook

I've just uploaded the latest version:

Version 8.2.111111: Added two new options 'let guests see shoutbox' and 'let guests post to shoutbox'

Hopefully more options to come. Any feedback appreciated.

If anyone runs a forum which uses this and has 'let guests see shoutbox' (and, even better, 'let guests post to shoutbox') please let me know so I can use it as a demo as I don't have anywhere to put one up at the moment.

Download (same as link in main post): …

I'll be honest development is currently on hold, some other things have come up and I'm quite busy for the next few months (and have been busy for the past month or so).

If someone forks it on github and makes a pull request I'll happily take a bit of time out though smile

Great, glad it works smile

Hi iariel

Something seems to have gone wrong with your install - … n/data.php should be accessible to the outside world but it isn't.

Is it possible that some SEO changes are causing this issue?


Thanks for the feedback.

I've filed these as issues on the git hub page. In all honesty I don't have much time at the moment so won't be getting round to these any time soon but if anyone wants to the source is there smile

hoang83vu, I intend to add this feature in the next release (when I get the time)

Pebro, administration is some functionality I'd like to add (deletion of posts by admins) but timing bans probably won't go in any time soon.

I should note that the shoutbox is open source and people are encouraged to contribute to it on github:


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Care to clarify how this puts PunBB more in the community than it currently is?

Sorry, public account is:

username: user
password: user

I have setup a Demo

username: user
password: user

Thanks praivo, glad to hear it. I'm going to look in to improving the handling of such cases.

N3twork2 wrote:

Thanks for your reply,

Where i can activate javascript ? there is often the probleme when a push in enter button the index refresh and no message on the southbox

N3twork2, does this resolve your issue also?

You can check your permissions by browsing to <yourforum>extensions/shoutbox_pun/data.php you should get some XML with a CSRF error, if you get anything else then something is up!

It seems that you have not CHMOD'd the extension properly, could that be the case?

I note that I can't get to:

I believe the permissions should be 0655

Any chance you could provide a link to the forum you're running it on? illustrates how to enable javascript, there could also be issues if you're running extensions like noscript

However, it would be nice to have the shoutbox work where javascript doesn't work so I will look in to this.


hoang83vu, I did see Ajax Chat before implementing my own. I don't have any intentions to integrate it myself but it is a great piece of software and I think that it would be really neat if someone integrated it in to an extension. Unfortunately it's a bit too complex for my requirements, shoutbox_pun was created to be (like punbb) minimal smile

Hi n3twork2

Thanks for responding. Could you describe in detail what happens? Are you running the latest version?

I've tried in the new firefox and can't reproduce any issues. Is it possible that you have javascript turned off?

hoang83vu: Thanks a lot, looks good!

hi N3twork2, may I ask what version of Firefox you're running? I'm on the latest and it works here.


Thankyou and thankyou! smile

Would it be possible for an admin to move this thread to 'extensions'?


I have just released 8.0.2, fixing the login issue described. Thanks for the help in diagnosing the problem.

Version 8.0.2: Fixed issue with login on the main page redirecting to a CSRF Token Error. Add error feedback (though this needs improvement). Shoutbox is now hidden from guests.

Link in first post

aha, i think I understand now. Thanks Holden, I will look in to this tomorrow night and hopefully get a fix up.


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Parsing HTML with regular expressions is widely considered to be a bad idea.

Your best bet is to use php's in built HTML parser:

Thanks, that's very strange, I will look in to it.

Is it possible you had javascript turned off when this occurred?

Sorry, can you describe the steps to reproduce? I know this can occur if you leave the shoutbox open for a while

Thanks for the feedback Kushi, I will look in to getting these in to the next release.

hoang83vu it is fully functional in the sense that it works! Fully featured is another issue smile