Screenshot (which I can't put in the main post for some reason):

There was a bug - on forums not in the root directory shouts weren't working. This is fixed now (upgrade to 7.1.8), latest link is in the main post.

What sorry?

The zip linked in the first post is the latest version of the extension

Thanks for the feedback dimkalinux, I have commited the changes and updated the zip!

shoutbox_pun adds a basic shoutbox beneath the main page of your forum. Posters post using their forum account. It uses AJAX to update the posts and new posts by other users will be populated without refreshing the page.

Any feedback is appreciated, the source is release under GPL/MIT and there it's on github.

Demo: None (let me know if you want to host a demo..)

Version 9.0: Fix XSS. Links open in new window. Fix bug where messages with links were getting rejected for being 'too long' even though they weren't too long. Fix bug where an error would delete your message.
Version 8.3: Added option to show shoutbox on the top of the forum
Version 8.2.111111: Added two new options 'let guests see shoutbox' and 'let guests post to shoutbox'
Version 8.0.2: Fixed issue with login on the main page redirecting to a CSRF Token Error. Add error feedback (though this needs improvement). Shoutbox is now hidden from guests.