Thank you. My plan was to include all copyright messages for PunBB. Definitely don't have a problem doing that. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't infringing on the copyright by doing that.

Thanks again!


I'm an ExpressionEngine user and I also love the look and feel of PunBB. Unfortunately I can't use both as it's my understanding that it would just be too difficult to create a bridge between the two so that a PunBB forum could be used on an ExpressionEngine install so that when members are logged into the ExpressionEngine install, they would also be logged into the forum.

So, my question is, would I be in some sort of copyright violation if I were to borrow the HTML/CSS behind PunBB and just merge the ExpressionEngine tag system into the PunBB layouts? I have no problem adding credit links saying where I got the code, etc. but I wanted to ensure I'm not stepping on any toes before even attempting it (may turn out to be more trouble than it's worth anyway).


Ah, didn't realize that was there. What's the reason for having two different stylesheets? Not sure if I'm alone on this, but it's confusing. May not be to bad once I get used to how everything laid out, but it seems like there are styles strung everywhere when it would be much easier to just have them in one spot so they are easier to track down?

Also, I removed the border-style and border-width from the code above and then have this code in my _cs file:

DIV.icon {background: url(/forums/icons/folder_old.gif) no-repeat left center;}

and still no icon showing as the default. Really don't know what I'm doing wrong?

Got this one sorted. It was just the default <ul> padding specified in the punbb stylesheet that was throwing my lists off.


I'm trying to change the default square status indicator icons to my own icons.

in the _cs.css file, I found the DIV.icon code for the default icon and changed it to this: DIV.icon {background: url(/punbb/icons/folder_old.gif) no-repeat left center;} which should display this image: … er_old.gif but it just displays a black square as you can see here:

What am I doing wrong?

I'm very new to punbb here and I've got the forum up and going. What I'm wanting to do is is syndicate the newest forum topics and then use my CMS's MagPie plugin to pull the last 10 or so topics into my homepage template. I see where it says in the readme file that you can grab the last 15 posts, but nothing about the last 10 or 15 topics from all forums?

Sorry if this isn't the right forum, seemed the best fit.

Anyway, I've just set up a PunBB forum on my site. I've edited the template so that my site header is used for the forum to keep the look and feel across the site consistent.

Here is my forum URL:

1. In the header, the RSS subscribe links should be beside each other, not one on top of the next.

2. The navigation menu seems to be wider on the forums homepage than it is on the other pages of the site. I'm using the inspect tool from FireBug and when I hover over the nav, it shows it being wider even though the width is set correctly. If you hover over top of the "home" link, you can see that the hover state (blue gradient background) does not line up with the left side of the forum like it should

You can compare the forums page with another page on the site like:

All I've done is copy/pasted code from my other templates over to the forum template, so I can only assume that something else in the forum css is messing with the lists that I've got since it works fine on every other page of the site.

Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry, I guess in my confusion, I don't even know what questions to ask so that they make sense. wink

I'm using ExpressionEngine.

When I asked if there was some sort of add on to make ti work correctly, I was referring to punbb. I didn't know if there was something that I needed to add on to punbb to make this all work, or if I simply need to copy and past the corresponding "include" code where I'd like the entries to show up at?

I may be wrong about this, but what I anticipated doing was using ExpressionEngine's MagPie plugin which retrieves and parses RSS feeds. So, all I really needed to do was figure out a way to publish an RSS feed with punbb so that I could use that RSS feed URL in my MagPie plugin code...

So, is that all I need or is there some sort of add on to make it work correctly?

I'm really not following much here. You say it's very very easy, but to someone without any php/mysql knowledge, how easy is this?

I'm utterly confused after looking at the page you supplied. To show the 15 most recent topics, is the only thing I need to do is past "include('');" in my template where I want the topics to go?

I guess I'm just confused... on the miniportal wiki page, it's a lot of info to take in for me being not real experienced with punbb. With that said, as I look down through the different parts of the page, I don't see anything that refers to "recent topics" or similar? I must be overlooking it here?



I think Alex King's RSS one is more for what I need. I could be misunderstanding though?

Looks like the mini portal allows you to add announcements and recent topics/articles to the forum homepage, but I want to add a recent forum topics section to the homepage of my site. The forum will not be site, just an added part of the site.

I'm thinking about using PunBB but I'm wondering if it's possible to show recent forum topics on the homepage of my site and how would I go about doing that?

Does PunBB have an RSS feed built in? If so, if there's no other way I think I could use a plugin from my CMS that will put new topics from an RSS feed into my homepage template of my site?


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EDIT:  Figured it out.  Thanks!  :-)


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I'm trying to remove the top border which is a few pixels thicker than the sides and bottom on my different categories.  It looks to me like that div class is "box" like all the others, but I cannot find anything in the css code where it has a thicker top border?


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Yeah I thought about the browser cache, so cleared it and still was the same.

I'll play around with the base.css.  I've only been chaning the oxygen.css and oxygen_cs.css. 



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First I'm wondering for the Oxygen theme I'm wondering if there are anymore CSS files that I'm missing besides oxygen_cs.css and oxygen.css?  The reason that I ask is that there is a border that I'm going to take down a few pixels in width and I cannot find it anywhere in the CSS file?  I mean am I going crazy here?  There is a border around it, therefore the style for that border must be in one of those two CSS files right?

The second thing I'm wondering about is, is there a lot of styles in the CSS file that you do not even need?  In my search for this specific border (from my first question in this post) I've come across various border attributes which I've commented out to see what border they actually go to, and when commented out, nothing that I can see changes.  So I'm thinking, if I'm removing the style from one of the DIV's, why is nothing changing when I check out the site again after uploading the new files?


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Ah, thank you Paul.  I don't know where I'd be without you on this!  Probably not using punbb.  smile


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I guess with me being new to punbb and the mass number of files installed, I'm a little overwhelmed with customizing everything. 

My punbb site is

As you can see I've tried to add my own logo at the top by placing the image as the background of the "brdtitle" div.  Well obviously that didn't work out so well because the other title and description is still there.  So I think, just take those out of the "main.tpl", and problem solved.  Wel I deleted the html from the main template and it jacked the whole layout up big time.

Is their a link somewhere that can maybe explain what is in each file and how it applies to the site?  Right now I feel like the blind leading the blind with this.  I'm just deleting stuff out of each file, uploading it, seeing what changed, and then undoing everything if it didn't do what I wanted.  I've been messing around with this header image now for what seems like days when it something that should really take 5 mintues.



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Paul wrote:

If you want to remove the border from the whole of the header section using css then thats easy. Just put this in your stylesheet somewhere
#punwrap #brdheader {border: none}

If you just want to remove the border around the logo then it would be simpler to alter the markup as in this case the markup you need is in the template file main.tpl so you can just alter it and then style it however you like. There is a css way of doing it without actually removing the border. You just use a 1px negative margin on the logo container so it overlaps/covers the border

Don't assume that everything you want is in the css file. The stylesheet only uses what the default styles need. You have to add your own stuff if you want to do more than just play about with colours.

NOTE: If you do what Quaker says all that will happen is that the tables will end up with black internal borders.

Thank you Paul for your help!  That worked great.  I didn't think about doing that (the obvious answer).  I guess I figured that sence there was already a style making the border, simply creating another style setting the border to none would create a problem somewhere along the lines, maybe not?

I'm not finding the "main.tpl" file.  I was going to check it out so I could see what else is out there that I could alter.  I have my own logo that I'd like to use in place of the text which is there now, and I'm assuming I'm needing that main.tpl file so I can put the image there. 

Thanks again for your help


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Okay, well that didn't work.  Between all of the "oxygen" css files, there are a ton of classes and for some reason I'm just not seeing the correct one.  I'll remove the style from one and it does nothing. 

Could you possibly tell me what file I can find at header box in?  So I can just go in and change <code>div.class="box"</code> to something else?


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I've got everything installed and have been playing around with the colors, borders, etc...

For the life of me, I cannot find the nessessary html/css to remove the border from the header.  I'm talking about where it's got the menu, slogan, etc.  On my site it would be the border around "OX Talk" at the top.

Can someone point me in the right direction?



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Ahh!  Thank ya!  smile


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Is there and easy way to change to a fixed with layout instead of fluid so that it wont mess the whole site up?

If so, do I need to edit the base.css for this?  I looked through and didn't really see anything for width?


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How difficult is it to integrate private messaging feature with punBB?  I did a quick search for "Private Message" and didn't see much discussion of this.  One thread I found looked to be in a different language or something.