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If a plugin does not, it wouldn't be hard to convert them, I don't think.


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Why are there stupid spambots plaguing the board?

Also, discuss the idiots on boards, here. Perhaps you need stop spam blocker or new spam tech might exist...


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torg wrote:

Punbb is the best forum.
Do not dispose of the development.

Well... it's the best forums for serious boards, it kicks sand at phpBB. Although, MyBB is also pretty good.


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Pretty professional template. Good work.


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Start on HTML, then to PHP, then CSS. Learn basics of each then move to advanced stuff each language.

KnownSyntax wrote:

You can always do something like "The answer is: 4G2vs2H" and the answer is such as given, the spam bots cannot copy and paste and most of the human bots won't really bother either (at least in my experience with various forum software).

Yep. That would be true.
Blocking email addresses and IPs from stopforumspam should also be a feature in punbb one day)


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I think you should do the project for PunBB Next.

semperverus wrote:

Use the Stop_Bots extension and put some really good questions in there that takes a human parser to understand. Something that couldn't be answered using google, but would be easy for anyone to answer (like, "What language is this question written in?")

These bots are humans nowadays. I suggest a Minecraft security question, those Indonesian morons won't know those well.


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There should be a plugin for this. If there isn't perhaps code one or suggest it as a plugin.
Welcome here, too!


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This software is1 year 358 days younger than me, then. I'm born 21.9.01.
Pun is one of the greatest ever software besides AcmlmBoard for me!


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Not too much point seeing how PHP 7 is planned to come in October.
Nice idea though, to do this for us!