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That looks really good mate.

Well done.

Really appreciate the kind words. Thanks. smile

I had this problem when I changed the directory that PunBB was in (whilst I was working on a Beta version).

Check that your Base URL is correct (under 'Options' in the Administration pages).


EDIT: Or perhaps I'm thinking of a different error. Do you have a URL?

EDIT: Sorry, yes, I'm thinking of the HTTP_REFERER error. sad You could check the post.php file for some clues though.


Really impressed with PunBB. smile

Just signed up to show off this site built entirely on PunBB:

The whole site uses the PunBB template system and I've written a load of plugins for the administration pages to allow us to manage the artists, music, credits etc. There's also a simple PM system and an IRC client that grabs your username from the site.

I'm quite pleased with how the whole site is integrated. I'd love to hear some feedback and feel free to sign up - especially if you're a fan of electronic music.

We have a radio set every Sunday (ie, today) from 1400 `til 2400 GMT - if anyone's interested.