Thanks so much! That is just what I was looking for it.  That should have been obvious to me.   D'oh. smile

Hopefully that fixes the problem.

Is it possible to ban entire email domains? I can't seem to figure out how if it is.

I am getting slammed by spammers using email addresses at,, and (a bunch of webmaster forums are).  It would be great to just disallow memberships from those emails altogether. smile

Ah, thank you so much!  This was driving me nuts.  I was afraid deleting the redirect by ... well 'deleting' it... would delete the entire topic (i.e., from the forum it was moved to as well).

Thank you very much. smile

Is there anyway to remove the redirects from moved topics?  Or make them expire?  Sometimes I want them there (like when I move a user's topic and want them to still be able to find it so they don't repost)... but I don't want it to stay there forever because I think it looks messy.

vBulletin has a topic tools menu that has "remove redirects" option... but I can't locate something like it in PunBB.

Is this a lost cause?  Or can these be removed or set to expire after a certain length of time?



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Ah, got it!  I did a search by author, listed results as posts, and just counted 'em up.


Now I just hope it continues to count up from the 101 he has when he makes new posts. wink


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So basically, if I want to be accurate, I have to count up his posts and just put that as the starting number?

D'oh! big_smile (I was hoping there was a "switch back to actual count" option somewhere)


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So on a PunBB install... I reset a user's post count as a joke.  He was at about 70ish and I set him to 10001 via the user profile (as seen when logged in as an Admin).  Now how to do I set him back to his actual count?  He should be around 80 or 90 now, but I accidentally reset him back to 0, so he's only listed as having a couple of posts. sad

Any way to do this easily?

Thanks, Rickard. smile

iatbm: Any suggestions/ideas on how we could improve readability?  I'm definitely open to improvements!

This is my third or fourth PunBB installation, but the first I've felt the urge to really show off. smile 

I feel like sort of a jerk making my first post on this forum in the "Show off" section, but I'm really proud of this skin.

The forum is for discussion on Ruby on Rails (I know it's ironic that I am using a PHP-based forum for a Ruby forum... but there just aren't any good Rails-based forum apps yet, and PunBB rocks so very hard).  The skin gives the whole forum a very "Web 2.0" feel, I think. smile

It was skinned by Kelli Shaver. smile