install went fine - good readme. i quite can't have fun yet, since the url in the "navigation" section (Navigation: Gallery / All images sent by the members - [Add an Image] - [Moderate images]) of the page:

yields urls like this:

note that galleryphp should be gallery.php

can't find that reference in the gallery.php file itself (something wrong with the variable PHP_SELF?). what's missing? thanks!


installed fine, followed the readme and refreshed the forum and voila - rss! has someone also made a ping plugin to notify sites of new entries?

also, when there are no entries in a forum, you get this error:

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.


End tag was not expected at this location. Error processing resource ''. Line 1...


here's a live example.

hcgtv wrote:

There's an enhanced version of this at this thread:

thanks hgctv - aren't you also on nucleus?

i've put this rss.php file in the root forum folder. now what? do i follow the instructions as extern.php? thanks!


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Rickard wrote:

I just talked to a friend of mine who has the W810i and it remembers where in the song you were when you close the player! Yay! I just ordered one. Anyone wanna buy a K750i? smile

elbekko: I don't know. I've just used the built-in.

yeah, how much? i've been looking for one that's not under contract. is it unlocked as well?

i have a tmobile mda and it's cool and all, but a bit of a pain used with t-mobile's towers.