Thanks guys.

Is it possible to prevent guests from even seeing the "You do not have permission to view these forums" message (when they try accessing a profile) and instead make them land straight on the forum index page instead?

I dont want any denial of access messages to be displayed.


Thanks a lot smile

I got it from


I want to reduce the width of the vertical left panel (which holds the author's name and other data) in viewtopic.php to about two-thirds of its current width.

What exactly should I change and where? Thanks.

I followed this approach but when I uploaded the modified files (main.php and the new one), nothing shows up on the index page, not even the forums.

So is this pun_include code correct?







I dont know any php coding, so sorry if I sound like a rank noob.

How do I remove the statistics -- replies, views and time (like those in the image above) from the active topics box?


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(8 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 troubleshooting)

Thanks for your reply, but as I said, not a single post is in swedish. It is an English forum.

And I didnt face this before switching over to PunBB.


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Hi, I have recently switched to PunBB from phpBB. I used to have Adsense ads on the phpBB forum earlier, and I also have them now on my PunBB forum.

I am sometimes getting ads in swedish since the switchover, while my forum is wholly in english. I went to phpMyAdmin and found that the collation of all the tables in the database is "latin1_swedish_ci", while it was not so in my phpBB database.

I want to know how I can change the collation to utf-8 (English) and whether this will have any bearing on the ads. Thanks.