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I have added a costum New post icon but it shows new post on every topic in the forum. even if i read the topic it's still marked as an unreaded. please fix that to the nex verision.


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Jag har fixat det nu.



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Now it works!

it was the functions.php file that was needed to update


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No i didn't edit the file. and i don't find any links in the php file

EDIT: i tried to download a fresh copy but it didn't change anything. Can i mannually edit the links in the file an on wich lines is them?


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som rubriken antyder har jag fått ett fel i Profilsidans meny.

länkarna går till file:/// sen sökvägen som jag har på min hårddisk.

någon som vet hur jag ska fixa det här?

I got something wrong in the URL's in the profile menu.

it's linked to file:///C:/downloads/punbb1.2.13/upload/include/profile.php?whatever it is after this...

anyone know how to slove?

I haveing problems when i trying to integrate my PunBB forum.
How to do?
I have editet the main.tpl to my design but nothing happens.

the code in mail.tpl looks like this

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">

        <style type="text/css" media="screen"><!--
body { background-color: #000; }
#lankar { height: 334px; width: 132px; left: 20px; top: 220px; position: absolute; visibility: visible; }
#logo { height: 100px; width: 410px; left: 170px; top: 30px; position: absolute; visibility: visible; }
#reklam { height: 80px; width: 490px; left: -10px; top: -90px; position: absolute; visibility: visible; }
#main { background-color:#fff; width: 766px; left: 180px; top: 220px; position: absolute; visibility: visible; }
        <link href="style/datasidan.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="all" />

    <body bgcolor="#000000">
        <div id="logo">
            <img src="img/datasidan/logo.png" alt="" border="0" />
        <div id="reklam">
            <?php include("ad.php") ?>
        <div id="lankar">
            <img src="img/datasidan/nyheter.png" alt="" border="0" /><br/>
            <img src="img/datasidan/guider.png" alt="" border="0" /><br/>
            <img src="img/datasidan/forum.png" alt="" border="0" /><br/>
        <div id="main">
            <div id="punwrap">
                <div id="pun<pun_page>" class="pun">

                <div id="brdheader" class="block">
                    <div class="box">
                        <div id="brdtitle" class="inbox">