it keeps taking me to an openDNS website when i try downloading the zip. :[ can anyone re-upload it or send it to me?

i'm really interested in installing this, but since i'm new to php i don't want to mess with it unless i know it will be useful. so before i download and try to install it, here's a couple questions.

1. do any of the new versions allow you to hide the gallery?
2. how big does the image have to be to make it into a thumbnail? or does it turn all images into thumbnails no matter what? in my particular forums, i don't think anyone will be posting anything bigger than 300x300, so i really don't need thumbnails. :]
3. what is the (or is there a) maximum number of images a person could upload per post/reply?

thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my questions! big_smile

hello. ^^; i'm brand-spankin' new to php and punbb, so please go easy on me.

i've pretty much only been doing cosmetic changes here and there and i'm getting the hang of that. but now i want to change it so that the last poster's name in the index and in view forums will link to their profile. for now i just changed it so that it would show up as another color, but i really would like it to link to their profile.

i hear i would have to change something in $result, which deals with the database, and if i messed around with it i might cause some serious damage, so i decided to come ask people who know what they're doing.

can anyone help? thanks in advance!