But there is problem. Now I have posts "Today, 20 hours ago by ahmeds" but they surely was made 20 hours ago, but that was YESTERDAY...


May be I just should replace new "functions.php" with old one, and at midnight 00:00 change to new one???

It works. Only I guess there is no more "weeks" just "days". Turning to date after some 14 days or so...

For me last modification is good. Hope other forum users would accept.


Have a look:


Thanks, it is working, but litlebit too extreme.

I have posts like "29 weeks ago". It would be enough if after one or two months there would be date (2007-06-19).

Reason why I wanted this was to make more easy to understand when post has been written, - without some calculations. Also if there is only "today" and "yesterday" then post which is done 3 days ago looks the same old as one which is 3 month ago.

Now is again may be too many numbers. Now 3 minutes or 3 houers ago has again nummber as 3 weeks (and later possibly 3 month, 3 years) ago.

So another thing which would be better - that when is written today or yesterday, then would be written "Today, 3 hours ago" and not just "3 hours ago".
But after "yesterday" could be this system which changes to 2007-09-25 after month...

How to change date display from 01.11.2007 to "2 weeks ago"?

No a have this:
2007-10-31 23:47:50

But I would like "Two weeks ago".

A would like:

Today (is)
Yesterday (is)
Now there is turning to "2007-11-08", but I would like "2 days ago"
"3 days ago"
"Week ago"
"2 weeks ago"
"3 weeks ago"
"4 weeks ago"
and only the:


Ethnic latvians are very small comunity. Maybe few hundrets. Maybe... We do not know. Many have emigrated and most of them are women.

FBI wrote:

Hi Ahmed, nice forum and color theme
I remember the color of PocketQuran program for PPC/Palm by Jalal smile

Nice to meet you.
I came from the biggest muslim country in the world..

Anyway, Why you didnt use English? smile

As-salamu aleikum

Thats not my design. Its Vaka - done by somebody else.

I did not understood:

Why you didnt use English?

Did You mean interface? It is english. I need latvian, but it is not translated in utf-8.

Why forum is on latvian and not english? Becouse it is main reason why this forum exist. There is miljons forums in english, but only one in latvian. Also I try to make site in latvian, but becouse of poor webdesign knowledge I have problems... Now I am trieng to rebuild design in site.

But forum is nice. Last 2 month is litlebit less active, but that was becouse I worked to get some money (7x12+h) and did not have time to continue developing it...

My PHP version has been changed to PHP Version 4.3.9, but this still not works...
The same - says that "succesful", gives links, but in "upload" folder is nothing...

Yes, for sisters talking, not for men. If it is possible to look to through some database etc - it is not important. But I guess I will not could to resist to look in that sister forum if it just looks as all other forums. So if it is not possible to make such forum, then we will not create one.

I am admin for muslim forum, but I was asked to create a special forum category/forum for muslim sisters. "Muslim sisters ONLY" forum.

I understand how to make moderators, how make that this forumu is view only by special users, but how admin can restrict himself?
How can I made that I do not see that (sub)forum?


Tried vesion 1.1.1:::::::::::

ERROR: Unable to upload image.


This ir info:

PHP Version 4.3.9

*safe_mode_gid - both off/off
file_uploads on/on
max_execution_time 30/30
memory_limit 8M 8M
post_max_size 8M 8M
upload_max_filesize 2M 2M
GD Support  enabled 
GD Version  bundled (2.0.28 compatible) 
So I guess there is no problem.

I use just BBcode [img] and it works. Did not use any other upload mod.

I changed that file (added usergroups, and others).
Here is my file:


  ** Script configuration

$idir = "uploads/";   // Path To Images Directory
$tdir = "uploads/thumbs/";   // Path To Thumbnails Directory

$twidth = "400";   // Maximum Width For Thumbnail Images - default = 150
$theight = "400";   // Maximum Height For Thumbnail Images - default = 150
$size_limit = "no"; // **** if "yes" there will be a file size limit for uploaded files
$limit_size = "600"; // file size limit in KB - default = 200

$allow_resize_option = "1"; // allow = 1 ; disallow = 0

$resize_images_above_limit = "yes"; // if "yes" images exceeding 'limit_size' will be automatically resized to 640x480
                                    // - must set $size_limit = "no" for this to work

$allow_jpg_uploads = "1"; // allow = 1 ; disallow = 0
$allow_png_uploads = "1"; // allow = 1 ; disallow = 0
$allow_gif_uploads = "1"; // allow = 1 ; disallow = 0

// ** Gallery settings
$images_per_page = "20"; // number of images displayed per page in the gallery
$images_per_row = "4"; 
$display_img_box = "0"; // allow = 1 ; disallow = 0

  ** Permission setting

$Allow_Uploads = array();
// Listed below are user groups that are are allowed to upload images.
// $Allow_Uploads[] = "MY_USERGROUP";
$Allow_Uploads[] = "Administrators";
$Allow_Uploads[] = "Moderators";
$Allow_Uploads[] = "Uploaders";
$Allow_Uploads[] = "Members";
The permission setting allows you to have full control over who can upload images.

If you want all members to be able to upload images, just add the following line:
$Allow_Uploads[] = "Members";

To ban a certain user from uploading images, just move the user to an user group not
included in the  $Allow_Uploads array.

For those who do not know how to create new user groups:
Log in as administrator and go to Administration->User groups->Add new group

  ** Statistics setting

$Allow_Stats = array();
// Listed below are user groups that are are allowed to view upload statistics.
// $Allow_Stats[] = "MY_USERGROUP";
$Allow_Stats[] = "Administrators";
$Allow_Stats[] = "Moderators";
$Allow_Stats[] = "Uploaders";
$Allow_Stats[] = "Members";
//$Allow_Stats[] = "Uploaders";
//$Allow_Stats[] = "Members";

  ** Delete setting

$Allow_Delete = array();
// Listed below are user groups that are allowed to delete their own uploaded images.
// Note: Only Administrators can delete images of another user
// $Allow_Delete[] = "MY_USERGROUP";

$Allow_Delete[] = "Administrators";
$Allow_Delete[] = "Moderators";
$Allow_Delete[] = "5. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
$Allow_Delete[] = "6. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
$Allow_Delete[] = "7. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
$Allow_Delete[] = "8. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
$Allow_Delete[] = "9. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
$Allow_Delete[] = "10. pakâpes foruma dalîbnieki";
//$Allow_Delete[] = "Uploaders";
//$Allow_Delete[] = "Members";

pogenwurst wrote:

Ahmed: Is your upload folder writable by PHP (I'm not familiar with this mod, but that might be your issue)?

My knowledge is too weak to understand what do You mean...
I chmoded "upload" and "thumbs" to 777 (as it was said in readme.txt).

Mod does not work for me. Everything seems to work, I even got "Result
Image uploaded successfully.
Image thumbnail created successfully."

But in reality - upload folder is empty and posted code is not working becouse of this...

What could be problem that mod do not upload files to "upload" folder?

Papillon wrote:
Ahmed wrote:

I do not understand. There is written:

##   Affected files:  include/parser.php
##                    edit.php

But changes which is made are only in parser.php...

Sometimes the readme files have some mistakes, or are not updated after many changes. Just follow the steps, it's a pretty easy mod smile.

Doesnt work for me. Maybe becouse I use russian modification?

I got this:


to abclf
I did not understood what is those labels cos demo gifs were unclear. But I guess thats not what I need.

matt1298 wrote:
McWatt wrote:
Ahmed wrote:

Hoping that "grouping" is not a bad word, I want to ask this possibilities.

try to use the subforums-mod ( http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=105 ) to group your posts

He siad he didnt want to, becasue then you will have 20 sub forums.

i dont know if it will work, or even what this is what you wanted, but.

they select what catagory it is in when they are posting, (edit the post.php and edit.php) and they use a colour chart and/ or create groups and just to a mysql query basicly if topic group is say 2 ( 2 = sea fishing) will put it into catagory sea fishing

Well, I have very litle knowledge about editing. I even did not understood what excactly You are proposing. :-(

But I think that maybe what I want could be done by creating others "stickies".

Now there is "sticky" and that all. But what if there would be "sticky", then is made anothers "stickies" ("stickies1", "stickies2" etc, whose ir called "1", "2" etc.). And they are in their order below original "stickies". And such some 5-10 "stickiesX" would give needed possibilietes.

But how color is given to topics, I understand.

Papillon wrote:

Err..I am not sure you're addressing me, but if you are, then sorry to desappoint you. I am no web designer nor programmer, and like yourself, all I know about Punbb [modest knowledge that is] I learned it thanks to this forum.
I hope someone else could help you with this.



As-Salamu Aleikum

I wanted to ask, do You know webdesign creating?

I am creating first site about Islam and muslims on latvian.

But as I created it myself, I have very amatier knowledge about webprogramming. (All what I know I learned when started to work on this site an forum.)

I have problems that fonts which is defined in one size displays in another.
(Diference between MS Frontpage design and display views...)
It makes litlebit larger fonts...

Also I am not sure did I use CSS definition for text at one place corectly...

If You can help or know somebody who could help...

I do not understand. There is written:

##   Affected files:  include/parser.php
##                    edit.php

But changes which is made are only in parser.php...

Thanks, but color is least problem. More important is grouping of topics.

Hoping that "grouping" is not a bad word, I want to ask this possibilities.

For example:

You have fishing forum. In forum is about 70 topics.

There is 5 topics about ice fishing, 7 topics about diferent fish, 4 topics about spinigs, 6 topics about fishing places, 4 topics about sea fishing, etc.

But You do not want to split all this in 20 subforums.

Is there a mod, in which You could group topics?

So in this forum would be:

5 stickies
a) Dark green color group of 7 topics about diferent fish.
b) 5 light blue topics about ice fishing
c) 4 yellow topics about spinnigs
d) 4 dark blu topics about sea fishing
e) 6 brown topics about fishing places


Or instead of color put them is small border boxes.

It would be like subforums, but they would be opened and not just subforum name...

Is there something this kind modification?

Wanted to ask:
I want to sent a letter, but I do not want to sent it to banned (or temporaly banned) users.

How can I send to everyone except few (whose emails I would take out from list)?

If user is deleted, banned IP are still banned?

I did not risk becouse I litlebit read his forum rules... Even did not think that such forums and such avatars exist...


Well, I looked how does looks your forum rules and understood that it is kind a porn forum. (Porn = haram!)
So I did not risk to open Your video, but I understood how to make what I need.

Just took frontpage blank page and made what I need and copy&paste code to admininistration menu options where is box for rules.

It works.

Sorry, I know so litle that I even did not find where is rules text hidden. So I could not even look on it and understand that I do not know what to do...
So can You give me more precise advice - where and what I need to do...