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Topic: SMTP error

I'm trying to use the SMTP function to replace mail() in order to do some mass mailing. My host is setuping the SMTP. but my fist try just send an email to myself using the misc.php one give :

File: /home3/g/georezo2/www/test/fred/forum/include/email.php
Line: 108

PunBB reported: Couldn't get mail server response codes. Please contact the forum administrator.

Do you have any idea, where this is coming from ? The 3 smtp options are in the cache_config.php file...


Re: SMTP error

PunBB reported: Couldn't get mail server response codes

It can get Sendmail, Exim, PostFix, Qmail etc. - Hello, here is server/version.
in two words, your smtp is not configured properly.
Next time try with:
My SMTP is PostFix version and I'm using xxx distro, someone with the same configuration can give u fast and accurate answer.

Re: SMTP error

Does PunBB is able to use "SMTP-AUTH" ?

Re: SMTP error

Hi again,

I just did on my host some tests with : PHPMailer (http://phpmailer.sourceforge.net/) --> OK
By chance, there is someone here which are using the SMTP options ?