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I haven't worked with extension before, but I have an idea of an extension that I want to make. But before I waste my time, I want to know if it's possible to do smile

Is it possible to make URLs in a page that look a certain way open up a GUI window (not a browser window) and send the url to that window?

And if it's possible, anyone that know a good place to start read about extension development?

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I don't have any experience with extension dev either, so I wouldn't know, but here's the stuff I have in my bookmarks pertaining to extension creation: (look on the sidebar for links to tutorials) … ar_buttons … t-secret-1 … rview.html

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It's doable but the computer in question would need to know the protocol.
For instance when you install Skype it registers callto: so when ever your browser sees links with that protocol it knows what application to open them in.

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didnt understand so well what you meant.... if it sends the url to an application then that aplication has to be a browser to open the page.
If not i am missing something or not understanding.

Anyway... firefox pluggin development is made easy well documented.