I'm constantly trying to tweak it until I think its just right.


I like the flag. However, I'm not too sure about the giant links section at the bottom. Couldn't the links at least be placed side-by-side, rather than one over the other? It takes up too much space.

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looking good ... you should consider making background fixed !!

edit : sorry I just saw it is not background hehe ... but think about it ! It would look very powerful if you make those background images as body background !!

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sweet, i  already have season five on dvd...haha... ops...

My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
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that countdown clock is awsome. fits the series quite well. good job.

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where did it go? I get a blank page.

I still see a '24' favicon though, so that's something I guess. smile