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Here is a link to the punbb forum for a band I design for.  Its not the greatest layout, but I kinda like 'simple'. Its always a work in progress, as can never just let something sit there. I still gotta create new post icons.

Its intergrated a little with the site which is here

Comments/Suggestions Welcomed (as the band never gives any). smile

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It would look tons better if the site was centered smile

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in the site, the forumlink is pointing to http://www.south... not http://forum.south....

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Everybody keeps saying to center it, so I plan on it today...

The site is technically not "live" just yet. The forum button isn't linked because at first I wasn't sure how I wanted to display the forum. At first I thought about displaying it inside the site layout (removing the right sidebar to give it more room), that way the main menu would still be there, but I've dropped that.