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Topic: punBB and BBCode using the URL function

I like being able to link an image. For example:


If you do that code, it does this:


You can do it on like every forum system, apart from punBB.

Is there any modifications to allow this?

EDIT: It worked... Maybe it's because the URL and IMG tags are lower case. Test:


EDIT 2: Weird. punBB converted it to lowercase URL and IMG tags. I converted my forum from phpBB to punBB, so I suppose the converting function never worked. I guess I'll have to manually edit the posts that have uppercase BBCode tags.

Cheers for your... errr... help.

Re: punBB and BBCode using the URL function

No problem.

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Re: punBB and BBCode using the URL function


Works fine for me in lowercase:


EDIT: sorry, read it wrong...

But yeah, PunBB converts it... so it might be easier to run through a script that applies preparse_bbcode() on the post.

Might be heavy if you have alot of those tho hmm