Topic: User Listing Bug? (v1.2.14)

I have just installed v1.2.14 and have Guest set to not view the Userlist, but it does not seem to work?  I can't verify it, but I assume unregistered visitors are assign to the Guest group.


Re: User Listing Bug? (v1.2.14)

Moved to Troubleshooting, since turning off viewing the userlist isn't an option in PunBB
Did you perhaps disable "Search user list"? That only turns off the free text search. There are mods to allow you to disable the userlist smile

Re: User Listing Bug? (v1.2.14)

You are absolutely correct, sorry I missinterpeted that option!, however it only took 4 Lines of code to block unregistered users from viewing the Userlist using the existing disable "Search user list" option.  Now the user must be registered to access that page!

Sorry for posting in the wrong area...