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Hello all

I seem to be getting porn and other types spam in my forum at first it was just one or two so just deleted them. when i started to look into the users to delete them and ban the ips and looked at the last few user that registered they all seemed to be fake accounts.

so i looked at the db and there seems to be loads in there so i take this one done by done script.

the ips are all different too

please can someone tell me how i can stop this sad

this forum has been really woking for me and i have started using it on a number of my clients website now and i really cant have this  going on sad



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Re: Auto register

You might want to try out one of the captcha/image verification extensions from PunRes:

Also make sure email verification is enabled in Administration -> Options.

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thanks Jarkko smile

i do have email verification on and the funny thing is they where all verified sad

so what image verification is the best?

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ok i used AntiBot but on my register page im getting

Notice: Undefined variable: code in /home/strictly/public_html/forum/register.php on line 329

line 327: // Add the text
line 328: imagettftext($im, $size, $rot, $oldspacing, $ypos, $black, $font, $text[$num]);
line 329: $code=$code . $text[$num];

can anyone please help